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Oh God, this is actually kind of depressing. NEED MOAR BOOKS #goodwilllibrarian #reading

This is also a really, really excellent argument for not finishing something you don’t like.  

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Story Time by Jessica Truscott

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Fangirl w Polsce już 29 lipca! <3

Omgosh I love your room! It’s soo beautiful!

I was just staring at all your books getting jealous and happy and then I noticed that big pink thing up in the top right <3

I love the fairy lights on the shelf.  The reader looks so happy and content in her magical nest.  🙂

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Tom Bagshaw

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the uglier the reading position, the better it feels.

So true. If it doesn’t take you ten minutes to arrange your body and everything on your bed and maybe even your furniture just so, how do you know you have achieved optimal reading position?

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Woman Reading by a Window. David Alison (Scottish, 1882-1955). Oil on canvas. © The Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation.

This is used as an example in “Sylvia Plath and the Mythology of Women Readers.” The author Janet Badia is of the opinion that the Alison painting is included in: “…more than a few depict women readers as dangerously lost, not simply in a book, but in a melancholy state of mind…”


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So, as part of my…I guess for lack of a better way of putting it, New Year’s Resolutions (I don’t like to call them that because NYR’s have a feeling of pointlessness to them. But there is something nice about using the beginning of a year to say, this is it, I’m taking control of this situation.) I decided to take control of my writing life. Find balance, and actually promote my work.

A few months back I bought two books – Jeff Vandermeer’s Booklife and Penny C. Sansevieri’s Red Hot Internet Publicity and have started reading and…though I feel a little piece of me die when I do this…highlighting them. I hate marking books up, but I know I won’t read the whole thing ever again, so I’m highlighting or post it flagging the really important must-get-back-to stuff.

And I don’t want this to become a winge about how much I hate self publicity. It’s not because I feel like I’m too good for it…I, frankly, suck at it because of two things.

1) I feel like I have no time for breathing let alone climbing the sheer mountain of work this promises to be.
2) I am one of the world’s most apologetic, self conscious people ever. I spend most of my life trying to hide and be innocuous. I don’t want people to notice me. And what if I convince them to read my book and they hate it and feel like they wasted their money?

I have a friend who told me two things that are very important. One, he said, “How can you get to your goal if you’re hiding in a hole?” Which, despite being cleverly rhymy is really quite true. He also tells me that I don’t need to be the queen of the universe…that not only can I not control what people think, it’s not even my business what they think.

But, you know, a lot of this isn’t easy. I think, “Well, my friends who are on facebook and Live Journal will see this post on my blog, and be annoyed and bored.”

Or, since I have a lot of friends at places where I want to promote myself, I fear they may feel sold to and pestered.

Or you, dear reader, will feel like I’m trying so hard to get you to buy my book you’ll feel abused.

When someone says, “I now need to self promote my book.” Many of you probably wonder what’s so hard about the whole thing. I mean, really, how hard can it be. “Hi. I’m Cindy Lynn Speer. I wrote (insert random title of mine here) and it’s a good book. A lot of people like it. I’m a quality, well trained writer and this is a quality, well edited book. Please read it.”

See? Easy, right?

But then I realized that nothing than anyone feels or thinks is original, really. The composition of the feelings/thoughts and the life context is original, but you can bet if you’ve felt something (in general) someone else has felt it or thought it too. Not exactly in the same way, but close enough that there has got to be someone out there, who, if they read this will be going, “Oh, my Goodness! Me too!”

So, I am going to read these two books, research other avenues, and try and blog about it. Because God knows I need something to post about on this blog that feels substantive!

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