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Please, please, please reblog the post about the Neil Gaiman Signed (and Doodled!) Books Auction:

Neil hasn’t had a chance to reblog it yet from his own Tumblr or Twitter, so I’m getting very few bids, and what with being down sick with bronchitis, it’s making me anxious and coughy. And coughy is bad right now (I sound like a dirty phone call — weeeelll, maybe that’s a okay thing, but it doesn’t feel very good). Make a sick girl happy: REBLOG, PLEASE. 

The more people who know about the auction, the more likely we’ll get people actually bidding on it. It only runs for 2 weeks. Two short weeks! You (or others you know) will want to get those yummy auctioned books as a Christmas (or as a late Chanukah) present, right?


reblog reblog reblog … !

Make my coughyness go away. (Yes, that’s a word. I say it’s so.)

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October just one word book photo challenge hosted by @just-one–more-page

Day 9: Big

The absolute Sandman volume 1 is one of the biggest books I own, but its so pretty

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July 5th Book Challenge is Short Story…so I am doing Snow, Glass, Apples by Neil Gaiman, which is a story that always inspires me.  Read it legally here:  It is genuinely one of the very best re-told fairy tales, ever, and started me on my love for writing them.

Art by Daekazu, who is super talented:

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I’ve been a bit quiet of late, because I have been tackling some projects for Neil Gaiman’s website. You may (or may not) know that I wrote some essays for the site, and I’m updating the article on movies and comics, and soon I’ll turn my hand to two new articles.

I don’t remember how I got involved in the first place…I think Neil mentioned that he needed some writing done and I wrote Julia Bannon, his then publisicist, and pointed out that I had some articles and book reviews up, and they paid me, because they are good people and beleive writers should get paid for their work. Julia sent me some review/promo items, including a pretty awesome tee shirt with different types of swords crossed on the front to advertise one of Neal Stephenson’s books.

I remember that I had to call Neil to get the lowdown on all the movie news. I also remember being exceptionally nervous. My tape machine broke that day, so I had to scribble everything by hand, so there are no quotes in the essays because I didn’t want to misquote him. He was…and is…a sweetheart. You know how people are always going on (and on) about how kind he is? It’s utterly true.

Once in awhile, I write him, ashamedly, and tell him that I would like to update the article (the shame comes from the fact it’s been awhile) and he always emails me back and makes me feel like everything is fine.

The first step is to create folders…I use Spring Pad, and it’s been pretty good. And you start mining…you search everything. Thankfully, Gaiman is a pretty uncommon name, so you can type Gaiman + Who and then you go through the search results, and copy and paste sources, quotes…everything of interest. The first stage is about reading and finding more search terms and searching them and reading more. You’ll see something mentioned off handedly three years ago, and find that there are a hundred hits…or none.

Then I revise…or write…the article. When I see holes in my knowledge, or I want to double check something because I have rumors that don’t match up, I put it in my list of questions.

Then I email Neil…that’s where I am with the movie article. I emailed him a list of things to confirm, and then I’ll add what he tells me to the article. My goal is to make something as complete as possible, so that people can go to the essay and find out why/how he’s involved, what he’s doing, and what’s happening with it.

There are some exciting rumors, like the idea that American Gods or even Sandman might make HBO as a series. Having just watched “A Game of Thrones”, I feel like this is an idea that could work. But then, as I go through the list, I see projects that have stalled or died altogether…so the news isn’t always so good.

But it will be fun to see what happens. When I write the article, I make bets with myself, to see what will actually make it and what won’t. What I have learned is to never depend on anything…the only time a section of the article is done is when the movie is made and out on DVD.

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Well. Next week is exam week, which makes today reading (no classes so students can study and catch up) day. Not a lot going on, work is slowing down, and I’m checking and double checking to make sure everything is covered, though I am sure I forgot something. My poor student workers are going to houseclean next week, as I get ready for summer.

But summer is almost here. There is a holiday feel to the air, like one is just on the point of partying. Not yet, though. I’d play music, but all day I’ve had graduating seniors taking tests at the main table a few feet away, and I don’t want to disturb them more than being in an office already does.

What my main preoccupation of late has been is updating the film article. Each paragraph is its own movie, and so I go to the paragraph, check the links. Then, like, for example, for Stardust I Google:

Gaiman + stardust

And I read everything to see if I can pick up any news. Sometimes I find something neat, and if I can collaborate it, then I chose a the best link or two. Sometimes I find something that I need to ask Neil. There are so many rumors, you have to be careful.

Then I type in:

Stardust + Cox
Stardust + Phieffer
Stardust +….

I only do this with people who may have been interviewed, or have a good fan base.

Then I re-write the paragraph to include the new information, revoice it a bit if it needs, code the links, highlight what I’d like Neil to take an extra look at, bold the title and start all over again with the next movie.

You’d think I’d be done by now, but not so. I want this to be right…thorough and as close to perfect as you can get when you’re writing about something that may completely change in two days.

I actually enjoy it, though. I am still a librarian at heart.

I am now reading Phillipa Gregory’s The Other Boleyn Girl. It’s such an easy read. A warm bathwater read…I’ve been laying in front of my open window and reading it, drinking tea and feeling quite happy and at peace. Then I’ll go back to Mister Potter….I finished book one a bit ago, and have been trying to start Book 2.

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I am so so happy!

I don’t know if you remeber this, but I wrote this article:

A few times over the past years, I’d emailed my contact, asking her about updating Neil’s article. I didn’t hear anything, so I thought maybe: enter negative fussy self doubts here. And therefore did not push the issue.

But I thought, I really, really want to update this article. So, I emailed Neil via the faq…and you know what? He seemed happy to hear from me. (But then, if you know anything at all about Mister Gaiman, he’s a very, very nice person.)

Even better, I’m updating the article.

Even better even better?

He’s asked me if there are any other articles I want to write.

So, the help: What kind of articles would you want to read about an author, or, in particular, Neil Gaiman?

Any ideas would be awesome. 🙂

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