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Harry Potter Prints


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Illustrations by Michelle Winer

Holy shit

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c’mon, James, and I thought we were close 

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hp aesthetics

» hogwarts classes

herbology / divination / astronomy / potions

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Harry Potter characters as Disney characters by Makani.


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I am just popping online to do a few very important (for me) things.

One, I want to thank you all for your wonderful congratulations, and for buying the e-stories. This means a lot to me, to start the main part of my writing career with the help and support and cheering section of my marvelous and wonderful friends. I cannot say enough how thankful and blessed I am.

On that note, I’d like to announce that there are now other places where my stories are available to buy, if you don’t like Mobipocket. The best is the Drollerie Press Website, where if you register, you’ll be able to access a shopping cart. The titles are on sale, 50% off, so if you are snagging them, this would be the best time.

Also, tonight, at 9 pm EST, I will be at the Drollerie Press Chatroom with many of my fellow authors. This is my first official appearance as an author, and it might be a neat thing to go just so you can say I did when I’m J.K. Rowling. Just go here and look at the sidebar for a link to the open chatroom. Just a user name…could be anything…is required, no registration is needed. Also, if you are ever considering becoming a published author, networking is always good.

Now, for Mister Potter. I did, indeed, read the book. I finished at 2 am last night…I cried, a lot, and I was mostly happy, except for a couple things I will not relay here.

Oh, and the Gmail thing? Still no joy, there.

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Well. Next week is exam week, which makes today reading (no classes so students can study and catch up) day. Not a lot going on, work is slowing down, and I’m checking and double checking to make sure everything is covered, though I am sure I forgot something. My poor student workers are going to houseclean next week, as I get ready for summer.

But summer is almost here. There is a holiday feel to the air, like one is just on the point of partying. Not yet, though. I’d play music, but all day I’ve had graduating seniors taking tests at the main table a few feet away, and I don’t want to disturb them more than being in an office already does.

What my main preoccupation of late has been is updating the film article. Each paragraph is its own movie, and so I go to the paragraph, check the links. Then, like, for example, for Stardust I Google:

Gaiman + stardust

And I read everything to see if I can pick up any news. Sometimes I find something neat, and if I can collaborate it, then I chose a the best link or two. Sometimes I find something that I need to ask Neil. There are so many rumors, you have to be careful.

Then I type in:

Stardust + Cox
Stardust + Phieffer
Stardust +….

I only do this with people who may have been interviewed, or have a good fan base.

Then I re-write the paragraph to include the new information, revoice it a bit if it needs, code the links, highlight what I’d like Neil to take an extra look at, bold the title and start all over again with the next movie.

You’d think I’d be done by now, but not so. I want this to be right…thorough and as close to perfect as you can get when you’re writing about something that may completely change in two days.

I actually enjoy it, though. I am still a librarian at heart.

I am now reading Phillipa Gregory’s The Other Boleyn Girl. It’s such an easy read. A warm bathwater read…I’ve been laying in front of my open window and reading it, drinking tea and feeling quite happy and at peace. Then I’ll go back to Mister Potter….I finished book one a bit ago, and have been trying to start Book 2.

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