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Heinrich von Angeli, Portrait of Grand Duchess Maria Feodorovna (detail)

c. 1874

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(via Achieving the Edwardian silhouette – but how? | Atelier Nostalgia)

This is really good stuff – Edwardian is a bit too “modern” for my interests but it’s a wonderful look at how different underpinnings change how you look and the authenticity of your outfit.  

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After posting my Black Tie and White Tie notes here’re my Regency evening dress notes. Hope they can be useful. Tell me if I got anything wrong.

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Some 18th century outfits from 1760s to 1790s. This is gorgeous.

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On twitter (Yes, I do that, too…I use twitter to update my face book status) I am debating whether I want to sew a pretty red dress in case I need a new pretty dress (My black one might have to be repaired…and every time I wear the black one, I get lots of compliments, so I want to…well, save it for when I want to look extra good!) for Ice Dragon ( OR, do I want to make my fencing cloak so I can practice with it and become authorized in off hand parry objects.

Oh, dear. To be a girl, or a warrior.

Pros for dress:

1. The red dress is cut out, save I really need to stop at Jo Anne’s and buy a lining fabric for the sleeves. And maybe more piping.

2. There’s a ball at Ice Dragon that I may or may not go to, and hence, a chance to dance with pretty people. I love medieval dancing, it’s tons of fun.

Pros for fencing cloak:

1. I think I have enough material, so no trip to eBay or JoAnne’s, but it’s not cut out and I’m not 100% certain how I want to make it. I want to use the black velvet I received at the novice tourney at Pennsic, though, partly because it’s LOVELY, partly because there’s not enough, really, to do anything else.

2. A lovely person at the Donnan Party thought I was ready to auth in buckler, which means, I think only case of rapiers and cut and thrust authorizations to go…

So, I open this to a poll!

1. Be a girl! Make a pretty a dress, dance with the boys!

2. Warrior, dang it! You need to learn how to swish your cloak to cause your enemies despair! Or, well, at least enough confusion that you can get to them with your sword…

3. Do both! You are the sewing queen!

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Saturday, I went to an SCA event for my shire, Melee on the Mount. When I woke up (and I woke early…I wanted to be there by 9:00, so I woke only shortly after I would have normally to go to work.) the same storm that had made me wakeful since 5:00 was still going on, and I knew that my family would think I was crazy to get up and go to an event in such weather, but I had said that I would be there for set-up, so I managed to force myself up and dressed.

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It will not surprise you to hear that I took advantage of the Butterick and McCall 4.99 a pattern sales. The McCall one I stumbled upon by accident…I went to the site to see how much fabric a doublet would need, and found that all their patterns were on sale. The Butterick one day sale I heard about through email.

Today, I receive an email offering all Vogue patterns for 5.99. I thought, “So what? Vogue doesn’t do costuming, the patterns are more expensive and they are all faux couture and boring.”

Then I found the “Vintage Vogue” section.

This one is has great lines and frames the shoulders perfectly.

This one seems similar, but it doesn’t have the princess lines. Princess lines can be problematic to cut – it means your fabric’s got to be wide enough in the direction of the pattern and that you can’t cheat and cut bits from smaller pieces. But princess lines can be very nice. I also like the fact that, with this, you could make the skirt black, and maybe make the top white with a black floral.

and this one is just sheer glamour. The fabric consumption though…makes some of my Elizabethan dresses look cheap.

Mostly, I’m not in love with the rest of the site’s patterns…save….well, this is really lovely.

And this dress has a very vintage cut, very nice, though I don’t think I could bear all those danged roses.

You would think that I would love this coat, but I’m not sure. It’s…it should be awesome, but there’s something off.

If my internet comes back on tonight (I lost power Monday during the storm, and for some reason the stupid net wouldn’t connect last night…*sighs*) then I will, perhaps, buy one or two patterns. A-Line dresses are awesome, and I look really good in them. And…it’s not really a costume if it’s from the 50’s or 60’s, right?

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Nope, no writing yesterday after all, I worked on the Templar event that’s coming to campus. It is a ton of work, but it promises to be amazing.

I did read a bit of Water’s Edge last night, editing while I did so. I started writing it three years ago, now, wanting to create something epic and beautiful and very deeply magic. At that point I’d not completed a fully other world fantasy book, both Blue Moon and Balancing Act take plac in the present. It’s hard to get a grasp of something that has lain still for so long. I’ve worked on it off and on, but I keep getting stopped. I know what basically should happen, and I have an idea where to go next, but between trying to combine this story with another (I want there two eventually be two books that belong together telling a wider story…I keep wondering if I should stagger the two plots together, through the two books, or make each plot its own book) and trying to make the beginning more exciting (there’s a lot of important stuff that happens in the first 100 pages, but I can see impatient readers going, “but when do we get to the Mer-people? When does something *happen*?) I keep running into walls.

It’s going to be a great story, filled with sea witches and mer-people, sailing ships and vast under sea worlds. There’s espionage and love. So I wish my head would get into it again.

Of late, I write my journal entries in pieces. I bring up the file, start, decide there’s something that needs done right now, go away and do it, then add to it. Which explains, probably, why there is sometimes a lack of consistency.

This was the summer of the baby, for sure. I’ve gotten pictures of all of them now…including the latest. My Department chair’s wife had their little girl the day before yesterday.

I’m getting back to the idea that true, perfect morality is impossible. If I were truly moral, I would not eat, drink, wear anything that could be connected to any type of harm. I would be completely without self desire. That is absolutely not possible. Everything in this world is tainted, somehow. Sugar, soda, the material that makes my shoes. It is very frustrating. I suppose one must live with it, then try to make up for it by changing the way things are for the better.

I am also getting a parasol for my birthday, I decided. I saw one that I really loved, and am going to ask my mum for it. Yes, parasols are really rather useless. But I’ve always really wanted one. And I’m controlling myself…ecru, not black or purple or some other shiny color.

Also, I’m almost done with the ultimate wench costume. I made some minor mistakes creative adjustments, and now only need to hem the skirts.

OMG, Thursday! I need to do my 13!

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Gloomy Monday. The world is dark and dingy. I usually love dark weather, especially when it gets all ominous with rain, and beats down on the tin roof, but this has a filthiness to it, when you go outside you feel hot and even a little greasy. I want a good, steady rain, not a wash out, something that will heal the dry earth, something I can run outside in.

I was surprised to see that I made this article on Gmail I better back up my blog and mail, if this keeps up, Gmail might ban me! 😉 But I’m glad that the article is getting so much attention.

I managed to get a good deal done on the dress. I need to hem it, do some trim, but mostly we can call her finished. I need to start cutting the next one, my projects are: one more medieval dress, one wench outfit, one regency gown, one cloak, one Spencer jacket. I think I have everything except for a cloak clasp, and I’m tempted to wait until the Renaissance Faire to see if anyone has one. I have some other projects, like a chemise and some drop front breeches, maybe even a shirt to go with the jacket I made, but those are sort of hazy. I watched a bit of Kenneth Branaugh’s Hamlet last night because the evil PBS station decided to play pledge drive stuff rather than the last Miss Marple. It was the one I was looking forward to the most, of course. It was an odd night. I was actually feeling sociable but no one was online. I enjoy Kenneth’s take on Hamlet…he plays up the romance between Ophelia and Hamlet nicely, so it seems like he really did care for her. (In High School, I was not convinced this was so.) So, yeah, liking that quite a bit, and it’s fun to sew during.

Now I’m home. Something died up on the hill, and I went to look for it, but couldn’t find it. The smell of festering death has settled over and in the house, but fortunately the air conditioners seem to make the smell go away. Since it’s a hot day, it’s just as well.

When I came home, bed was calling me. In fact, I’d still love to lay down and close my eyes. I seem to be drawn to nap a lot lately, though I rarely give in to it. The bed whispers to me of crisp, cool sheets, of velvety soft blankets. It talks to me about my body pillow, satin on one side, velvet on the other. It seems to reach up and shake the embroidered pillow cases into place, as if trying to fluff them, making them seem oh so inviting. Recently, it seems as if I would sleep away my life if I could. I get pretty aggravated with myself over the matter, I call myself lazy, I tell myself that I am not working hard enough towards my goals.

Of course, we can all be nice and say that I’m dealing with so much right now. I think a lot of my trouble is stress, stress and…stress. But I need to try to do something every single day to make life better.

But right now, I’m freezing to death and so I think I’ll wrap up and read. Stephanie Plum has an Uncle to find.

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