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Today until the 18th, you to can snag a copy of The Chocolatier’s Journal for free…no quests, no comments, just grab and go here.

A couple of times people said that they can’t have these things because they don’t have a Kindle. I don’t, either…I read Kindle stuff on my PC and iPad. There’s software on the site here.

I am really kind of pleased that it’s free…it was meant to be a teaser, and I do worry to a certain extent that people will be disappointed because they are purely fantasy and no mystery, but the William one does build towards a possible sequel.

Now to go make myself some Monkey King tea. I am absolutely obsessed with Numi monkey King right now. It’s lovely. Especially in a pottery cup…do you ever notice that? That a pottery cup is better for certain teas that your normal glazed porcelain? I think it might be because, though the pottery cups are glazed, there is still a little porousness that changes something. I find that it takes the edges off Earl Grey nicely.

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Hello! So, The Chocolatier’s Wife is on sale for .99 cents over on Amazon Kindle…just in case you need something happy to read during the Holidays…in fact, the book has a definite holiday feel. While it is set in a fantasy world, the clothes, the general feel was meant to evoke the Regency, and part of the mystery takes place during their equivalent of Christmas.

While you are there you might see The Chocolatier’s Journal, which you can get for free if you follow any of these easy steps…

The sale lasts until the 27th.

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Ever since I did my Kindle Give Away of the Chocolatier’s Wife (and if you missed out, we’re running a .99 cent deal for the book, starting December 23rd) I’ve been fascinated with free eBooks. In the US alone CW was downloaded 10,300 times, and I wonder how many of those were people who were like, “Oh, that sounds cool…I’ll snag it and try and read it someday” and who probably will never get around to it. I wonder because I find myself looking at the Kindle free-bestseller lists and going “That could be cool.” a lot and not reading much right away. This is partly because I’m not a big eReader. I’m a fan…more people buy my books as eBooks than as paper…but I love reading books. So if it’s a choice between reading a eBook or a regular book, eBooks still lose out.

I do like using the kindle app on my iPad to read teasers, though…I download sample chapters to see if I would like to read a certain person. So I can easily see reading whole books on the iPad if I can’t get them any other way…otherwise, I’ll probably read parts of the free eBooks I’ve downloaded, then go and find it in paper if I like it enough.

So, how about you guys? Do you have more free eBooks downloaded than you will ever read? Or do you have more self control than I do?

I confess, I do this with real books, too…the fact that I don’t have much book space for what I have now doesn’t seem to deter me. It’s my retirement plan…maybe I won’t be able to fence when I’m a little old lady, but I will have plenty to read. Now to pray that I don’t lose my sight…

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So, I’ve been telling people about the fact that my book is a) out and b) being given away. You can find out more,  here . (Yay! Look! A free book! So much easier to advertise than a book for sale.)

This whole thing has been a different experience. I’ve written three books now…and God help me, hopefully I’ll have another one done…(It’s not that I don’t have ideas, it’s just…time.) and each one has been its own experience.  Blue Moon I wrote second, but it got published first, and it was a lovely book that said some things I wanted to say.  Unbalanced was my first book, and like every first child it’s the one where you try hard to learn to be a good parent and maybe you succeed and maybe you don’t, but at the end of the day it’s partly your inexperience that forms it. Every once in awhile I see reviews and I’m surprised by how much people like the book. I know it’s not my best, so I have a hard time with it, but when I step away from it, I see that it is a solid book that has a lot to offer. (Or, otherwise, my long suffering editor at Zumaya…Hiya, Liz! would not have bothered with it.)

But my favorite has always been The Chocolatier’s Wife.  I still remember working hard on it, I remember how everything just came together. And the reviews have all been positive. In some cases seriously positive…and I felt like I could brag about it. I didn’t feel apologetic…and because of who I am, it is easy for me to feel guilty, to feel badly. I’m getting over it, though.

So, it was a blow to me when the press closed and the book was no longer on the shelves, so to speak. But now, we have it back. I feel better again, more like an author.

I received copies of the book in the mail yesterday, and I sat on the porch swing and opened the bag. The cover is not glossy this time, it’s a matte finish that feels like silk. When you flip it over, there are reviews from various places praising my book. when you open it, in the back, there’s an excerpt from the short story that’s coming out. There are covers…for other people’s books, for my short story collection (Wishes and Sorrows…more on that later) and for the anthology that will be coming out soon.

The cover of the anthology is beautiful (Howard David Johnson is amazing) and it lists…Nancy Kress, Peter S. Beagle, Patricia C. Wrede. And then it lists me. Authors whose books I’ve owned, read, loved. And my name next to theirs. (Along with several others…not saying anything against my other co-authors, who are spectacular in their own right.)

So, it’s sort of like…wow. It’s one of those moments where you feel a little bit closer to being able to say you are making it. That feeling that maybe people will read my books and stories and fall in love a little. It was a good moment.

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Today (first things first) I am featured on the Epic Blog today, and it’s a pretty fun interview.  Lots of good questions…I tried to be clever.

You know what the bane of my writing is?  Getting fascinated with characters in a movie, book, TV show, whatever…that are nothing like the characters that I’m actually trying to write about.  My mind is all “I want to spend time with THIS ONE!  You know what we could do?  We could day dream about…”  I fight being a fan girl (between being a fan girl and trying to write out personal things in my life so they make sense, that makes this blog pretty bare….) because…I don’t know.   I guess there’s a perception that I’m trying to avoid.

And then, I discovered tumblr.  Well, my friend Kala made a fencing club tumblr, and then I gave into temptation and became fan girly over some character and went looking and saw that, instead of like in the days of yore, when all the pictures were in galleries attached to message boards, most fan stuff seems to happen on tumblr.  Even for obscure TV shows you thought you were the only one interested in watching.

SO.  I now have a tumblr.  Which, like my Pinterest page, will probably be more about things and people that I think are pretty than, well, my books and stuff.  But I suppose we will live.


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One of the things that I’m supposed to be doing is creating recipes for chocolate…it’s actually an awesome idea of my editor’s, to create a small give away eBook. I’m also trying to finish two short stories to include, and create some spells. It should be a pretty little thing, both meant as a gift of thanks to people who have bought the book before, and to entice those who haven’t read it yet.

The thing is, I don’t know much about actually making chocolate. I know some…I knew a lot, when I was writing the book, (I take my reader’s bubble of suspension of disbelief seriously…) but I’m not well versed enough to actually create recipes. Even ones I never expect anyone to ever make. Yes, I’m over thinking. So, I’ve been reading and trying to get a grip on the whole process. This weekend, along with the huge pile of sewing (prepping to go to Pennsic) I am going to sit in the middle of my bedroom with a huge stack of books and work my way through and create things that you could believe would work.

That brings me to my subject line. Being far from 40 but also far from 30, I’m at a point where I feel like any opportunity I miss to fence and train is another week, another month, away from my goal of becoming a really great fencer. So to choose not to go to an event is hard. I always feel slightly as if I’m making a mistake.

Which brings me to the Dr! It looks like physical therapy, ultrasound and drugs will get me better in time to fence my heart out and do well. (We Hope.)

I guess I better go read over my short story. A writer’s work is never done. 😀

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The past couple of weeks I’ve been busy going through the proofing process for the second edition of The Chocolatier’s Wife.  The process wasn’t much fun at first, to be honest.  One of the take-aways from this is that you should always, always keep a word document of the latest edits.  I didn’t have a editable copy of the best-edited copy of CW because a few clean up edits were done after it left my hands.  I knew about them because my editor ran them by me, but I didn’t have the copy.

Transferring a whole book from PDF to word, even with the professional equipment, is a mess.  I ended up stripping all the formatting and starting over, and even then I missed stuff.  Thankfully, my new editor has eagle eyes and the patience of a saint.
Now we have a shiny new cover.  Long time readers will point out that you can’t see wind sprites normally, but I like to think that the sun is shining off of them after a bath in the pond.  I think it lovely.
CW will be available soon…the official launch date is July 16th.  To be honest, I’m not sure if it will be in Hard Cover or not, but if you want a hard cover copy let me know, and if enough people are interested maybe we can make some magic happen.  It’s be available in trade paper and all sorts of eBook formats, which is pretty awesome.
I’m working on a lot of stuff right now…a new book that I’m trying to keep writing on so that it doesn’t go to sleep in my head, and a bunch of new short stories for the re-issued anthology and even for, perhaps, a give away eBook if I can get things done.
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Today I’ll be out at Monessen Public Library signing copies of The Chocolatier’s Wife. I’ll even have a couple copies of Blue Moon.

I will be there from 11:00 until 2:00.

Stop by and meet me if you get the chance! (

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Because it’s Celebrate Chocolate Day (and because my publisher is wondrously cool) Drollerie Press is putting The Chocolatier’s Wife on sale at 20% off until July 12th. Also, if anyone blogs, tweets or otherwise advertises the sale, they’ll be eligible to win a 25.00 gift certificate from Fannie May Chocolates. You can find more information…and post the link to your advertisement here.

Also, the wondrous Soleil Noir reviewed the anthology Needles and Bones, and commented about The Train: “Ah, and of course Ms. Speer would be in this anthology. Her voice is so lyrical and poetic that it, too, could be classified as a hybrid. A very satisfying read, and I love the details of the story behind it. Hester is certainly an interesting girl, and she gets an interesting ever-after.”

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Margaret Marr’s interview with me is now up. It was a lot of fun to do, she asked some great questions.

It snowed…no, now I look up out the window, snow should not be in the past tense, it is snowing, and I am rather depressed about it because I had a field full of grape hyacinth and early snow glories just come out, and things were budding and I was anticipating the color and wonder of Spring. Hopefully the things won’t get so badly chilled that it damages them…especially since I have baby plants that may not have established yet. I used to think that I was a winter person, I loved the cold clean of snow, tracking birds and animals through the woods, hearing the sound of snow hitting the trees, but am wondering if this just isn’t the case anymore. 🙂

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