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The many facial expressions of the Comte de la Fère (Part ½)

While at first glance, Athos might appear eternally grumpy somewhat stoic, he has actually mastered the art of conveying a maximum of insults thoughts with as few facial muscles as possible.

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Athos + snark

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I don’t know who made this gif, though it says Tumblr, I found it on some random site and could not ID it.  

But, as I was preparing this to say “This is my day, this is how I feel.” a sweet man that I went to university with came and said hello, and hugged me fiercely and said kind things to me before leaving.  I had not seen him in 20 years.

So, maybe my life is pretty good, after all.  But still.  Athos sticking his head in a bucket.  You’ve got to post that.

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Athos and his sword

Have to reblog Athos and his sword…

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La Fère

Apparently this city is famous for the military traditions and its military academy, also I’ve just discovered that Athos is from Picardy too.

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