Blue Moon
Blue Moon Cover
“Strong main and secondary characters, as well as an understanding of legend, makes for a one of a kind fantasy romance. The characters were well developed and the entire story was well thought out.”
Four out of Five books Long and Short of it Reviews

“As the characters develop and the story moves on, which is roughly half way through the book, the novel just takes a giant leap into action. The storyline in itself is interesting enough but it was such an abrupt leap that it surprised me. All in all the novel is worth the read and provides a nice take on the story of Merlin, Arthur, Morgan Le Fay, the Lady of the Lake along with the elves, dwarves and other denizens of the Shadow World.” – Front Street Reviews

“Dragons interacting with humans – not too uncommon; dragons interacting with humans in the modern world – uncommon; dragons interacting with humans, in the modern world AS humans – okay, now we’ve moved from uncommon into unique.” – Michael Gleason

Speer not only has crafted intricate worlds but has fashioned characters that would fit into any modern thriller. Every being is well-rounded, complex, and very believable. And once Speer set her characters on their individual paths with their unique quests, the action practically blazes from the pages. I found it really difficult to put the book down to go to sleep once I found out everyone’s story and what they had to do before the blue moon. Cindy Lynn Speer is an eloquent new talent. – Janie Franz, My Shelf.

What really happens once in a blue moon?

Libby Halstead is about to find out.

Centuries ago Merlin realized that magic and technology could not co-exist, and so he created the Merlin Stone and cast one last great spell, sundering the two worlds. For us, the only reminders of the world that once was is a handful of tales.

In our time, Libby Halstead, keeps herself locked away to protect the stone…and herself. When the stone is stolen, Libby must find a way to retrieve it before it is used to reunite the worlds. Fortunately, she has help. Alex, a man with no memory of his past, Zorovin, a dragon who has crossed over from the twilight lands in search of his son, and Sierra, a woman who has forsaken this world and longs for magic. Will they defeat Sabin and his mother, creatures of deeds so horrible that they were removed from the hearts and memories of man kind?

The blue moon is rising like a baleful sapphire eye. Magic will return to the earth for one brief night, flowing like a river while good and evil struggle for the stone. A slag pile will become a castle, dead sisters will come back to life. It is a tale filled with magic and wonder, love and myth.

Locations in the story

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