I have a bio here, of course, but a peek at the Articles section will show links to interviews with me.  🙂


A bio where I don’t have to write in the third person…yay!  Because bios are almost always written in the third person so the person actually writing them doesn’t sound like a vain prat.

What can I tell you?  Hmm.

I have been writing since I was 13, x amount of years ago, x being the number I tell you which accuracy is based on how well I know you an the mood I am in.  *grins*

I live three lives.  Well, four, really.  I am a secretary at a university, where I also teach fencing and archery and sometimes sewing and embroidery.  I teach these for free because I do it through the Society for Creative Anchronism, (life number two) a non-profit medieval reenactment society.  Life three is that of a traveler, my mother and I take road trips as often as we can afford.

And my fourth life, the most important one for you, I figure, is as a writer.  I am the author of (in order of publication, not written order) Blue Moon, The Chocolatier’s Wife, Unbalanced, Once Upon a Curse (an anthology that I share with so many awesome people), Wishes and Sorrows (all my short stories, one place!) and, at the end of June 2017, The Chocolatier’s Ghost.

So, when I am not writing, I am feeding the writing by camping and going out into nature with my boon companion, of fencing with my friends, or sewing clothes to fence in.  I also read as much as I can — I try and update my Goodreads often — and garden.


Thank you for coming to my page!  🙂

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