Today, nothing else will do but that we interview William of Almsley. William is one of the protagonists of The Chocolatier’s Wife. He’s been arrested for the murder of the town’s Bishop. We decided to visit him in his jail cell, and see if we can find out about this mysterious young man. *Turns to William* It’s such a pleasure to see you. How are you today, William?

William of Almsley, a tall if stoutish man with blue eyes and brown hair is looking at the Author, suspicious and perplexed.

William: Well, I believe I am well enough.

Author: Oh, wait… *temporarily re-writes him so that he completely accepts that a strange woman in weird clothes is asking him personal questions that he will totally answer even though she talks very oddly.* So, William, what made you want to quit your job and open and chocolate shop?

William: I had been at sea for many years…my family has a shipping business, to which I was, until recently, the heir. I got to a time where I wanted to try to forge my own path, and in my lands chocolate is not so readily available as it seems to be here, so I believed it would be a wise investment of my time.

Author: Your parents must have been thrilled.

William: Actually, they were quite dismayed…to quit a prosperous family concern to open my own business…*at this point he shrugs eloquently, and the author decides to ask another question.*

Author: But why chocolate? Is it really just because you thought it would sell well?

William: *Obviously doesn’t know quite what to say.* I just…like it?

Author: So…Tasmin Bey, your intended. Are you excited about getting married, even though she was picked for you by a spell and in fact, you’ve never met?

William: I suppose so…*frowns at her*

Author: Suppose so? Well, no longer it’s taken you so long to send for her…you could have been married years ago.

William: *blushes* I am very pleased with the wife the spell chose for me. I have written her over the years, and I am confident that we will be quite happy.

Author: If you ever send for her.

William: *Looking around at the cell* Tis a moot point now, in any case. After all, I may well be executed…but, to answer your (not very well) implied slight against my honor, I wanted to marry her when I was certain I could provide a decent life for her.

Author: Well, I’m sure that will comfort her.

William: *looking suspicious again* Do you know the lady?

Author: No better than I know you, sir.

William: Did she send you?

Author: Not at all!

William: *glares*

Author: *looks innocent*

Author: Anyway. So…you killed the Bishop, eh?

William: You certainly know how to make friends, do you not? But nay, I did not, could not, and had no reason to murder him…just because they found chocolates by his body. Tis preposterous.

Author: If they found chocolates, though, and you’re the only person in the town that makes them…wow. No wonder they think you’re guilty.

William: Indeed. *sighs*

Author: So, assuming you’re telling the truth *ignores William’s arched eyebrow* then someone is framing you.

William: Ah…what?

Author: Um…trying to make it look like you’re the culprit because they hate you?

William: This is not exactly a new concept to me…

Author: But who?

William: I am not certain…but I have ideas.

Author: And…? *William remains silent* Don’t make me press you.

William: Don’t make me call the guards.

Author: So…do you miss being a captain?

William: *Is silent for a moment* I do miss some aspects of it. There is a marvelous peace to the sea. It can be so breathtakingly beautiful. But it is also unforgiving, and cruel. *His eyes go distant* Quite cruel. *He shakes himself out of it* I won’t miss the sea battles, I think.

Author: You won’t? But you have a bit of a pirate hunter reputation.

William: Nay, I have a reputation for defending my wares. I was just lucky in my battles.

Author: But you had to kill…

William: Of course.

The statement lays there for a moment, and she moves on.

Author: And you like to read, I see.

William: Indeed…mostly tomes about travel, chocolate making, science…

Author: That looks like a novel…

William: *pushes it under the blanket move* Perhaps so.

Author: *smirks*

William: You really are an annoying woman.

Author: The famous William of Almsley tact was no rumor, I see.

William: *Sweet smile* It runs in the family.

Author: *A guard comes in with lunch* Well. We’ve run out of time. I guess I’ll leave you to your…ick, do they expect you to eat that? And your neighbor…*nods to the older man in the next cell, who is singing off key* Does he sing those sort of things all the time? *Is horrified by the dark nature of the song.*

William takes the food, and breaks his bread in half, and puts it through the bars, to the other man. He stops singing to eat. “Aye, I’m afraid so.”

Author: Thank you so much…It was actually very nice meeting you. I hope everything works out for you and Tasmin.

William smiles again, and she realizes that he’s really a very handsome man. He bows slightly, and with that she’s gone.

The end.

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