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Tasmin, William’s wife to be, was chosen by a spell, as all wives and husbands are chosen. It’s a nice, tidy way to find a reasonable mate for almost everyone. Unfortunately, Tasmin is from the North, a place of magic and strange ritual, and William is from the South, where people pride themselves on being above the kind of insanity practiced by the Northerners, which has nothing to do with the fact that most people in the South have lost their ability to practice magic.

William doesn’t seem in a hurry to send for Tasmin, for which none of his family blame him. After all, she’s a barbarian. She, on the other hand, would like to know what’s keeping him. When he’s framed for murdering his patron, Tasmin takes matters into her own hands, harnessing the wind to bring her to William’s side. She’s gotten to know Wiliam from his letters. He’s not a murderer and she’s going to help him prove it.

William, incarcerated for a crime he didn’t commit is shunned by his family for the embarrassment, and for giving up the family shipping business for foolishness, and for saddling them with a Hag for a wife, which means he can’t protect Tasmin from his family’s cold dislike of his barbiaran wife-to-be–but that’s not the worst of it.

Someone out there doesn’t like him and is begining to dislike Tasmin almost as much, and that someone isn’t at all averse to making sure William and Tasmin aren’t around long enough to celebrate their wedding.

Tasmin, of course, has other plans.

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“Likeable and sweet in more ways than one this is a fine piece of fiction with some murder, mystery, magic and fantasy.”  ~ Likeable and sweet in more ways than one this is a fine piece of fiction with some murder, mystery, magic and fantasy.” Front Street Reviews.

“I love a good fantasy but throw in mystery, romance and even chocolate and I’m hooked. That’s exactly what you get in The Chocolatier’s Wife. Ms. Speer created an Exceptional Read. I found when I wasn’t reading the book that I was thinking about it—thinking about the characters—thinking about the mystery plot. What would happen on both fronts? That’s when you know you are reading an outstanding book.”  — Long and Short Romances, 4.5 books.

“I will say that the book will take you on a fantastic journey through love, murder, mystery, and even magic. Throughout the whole book you will find yourself wondering who committed the crime, and at the same time you’ll be drawn in with Cindy’s delightfully-descriptive writing style. You’ll find yourself both loving and hating the characters in this book, and when you finally reach they end you’ll discover it comes to a very satisfying conclusion.” ~ eBook Gurus. (It was also eBook Guru’s book of the month in 2010!)

“I would heartily recommend this thing of beauty to anyone who likes a fantasy cozy mystery.” ~  Mrs. Giggles Reviews.

“Such delightful reads as The Chocolatier’s Wife are few and far between. It’s the kind of novel that you can’t wait to get back to—and can’t put down when you do. I absolutely loved William and Tasmin. Both of them had such wonderful personalities, not to mention a great sense of humor.”  – Margaret Marr, Nights and Weekends

“Tamsin and William had positively Austenesque chemistry, and the letters they exchange, shown at the beginnings of the chapters, are little works of beauty and character development all by themselves. The setting through which they moved very much added to that feel, invoking the impression of an England-like land where magic goes hand in hand with well-mannered society. Speer’s prose is lovely, and oftentimes lushly detailed; I came out of the book thoroughly satisfied, as if after the best of chocolate truffles. Five stars.”  – Anna the Piper

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