I am not doing well in the writing world right now. I have an ear infection, and my left ear aches, and I can’t hear things…I can’t hear my own foots steps, and you know, it’s the sound of our own footfalls that keep us connected to reality, to assure us that we are still, point of fact, alive. I’m also taking cold medicine to make things drain, so my connection to reality is tenuous, at best.

So, I start to write. And then my mind wanders to other points of the book (I wrote the end, last night, while trying to fall asleep, for example.) and I drift off. And then my left ear hurts particularly bad, and I go, “Oh! I am awake now! Ouch!”

I don’t trust myself to do blog interviews, either, so today is a wash. But then, so have the past several days. This infection is a beast.

I have been reading the Gail Carriger series, and enjoying it very much. I only have the first two, I’ll get the rest during the holidays. I like the idea that vampires and werewolves become what they are because they have too much soul, rather than none at all.

I went to the ear doctor yesterday, and had a singularly unsatisfying experience. Partly because I did not get what I wanted (antibiotics) but I could have put that aside as sulking if it wasn’t for the fact that he pulled my ears rather roughly, causing me much more pain than I felt that I deserved. I feel pressure on my inner ear…there’s a lot of liquid coming out…and part of me is worried that the ointment and drops he recommended is not really going to help much. Had a much worse experience at Wal Mart…waited an hour so I could get my prescription filled, was told that they don’t take my insurance. I gave up, thoroughly disheartened (I was in pain, tired, and light headed.) and so we have to see if the medicine he wants me to get helps at all tonight.

So, that’s my life right now. Reading. Heating pads. Still watching two episodes a night of NCIS. Sleeping. Being eager, inside, to do something else with my life, but having the body laugh bitterly at me. You know. The usual.

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