It feels like that time of year. I know that there is still, technically, lots of summer left to go, but still…to me, it feels like Fall.

I spend big chunks of my summer contemplating, preparing, and sewing for the Pennsic War, and so, when it is over…when I have spent my week outside, fencing all day and enjoying the magic of firelight and drumming and good humor all night…and I go to my car to pack it up and go, the wind in the trees seem to change. The leaves turn over, and there is a slight change in the air, and I know that my summer is coming to a close.

I feel this way, in part, because of the academic calendar I live my life by. I have only a few more weeks until it’s time for the semester to start, for all the students to come back. But mostly, it’s because the weather has a different feel…especially since this year the weather leading into Pennsic was hot and miserable. These last few days it has been lovely…what we call “war week”, when all the fencing/fighting and main activities take place was beautiful, and it just seems to be getting cooler and nicer. This morning I walked down the hill in the fog, chasing a flock of birds without meaning to, as they scattered this way, then realized that I was still coming so they scattered and landed that way, and I tried to avoid them the best I could.

It’s a time for me to look back over my shoulder, to see what I have neglected over the summer. It’s a time to clean and make things organized, to prepare for the winter. Deep inside of me, I still have that instinct, to buy ahead on the things I need, to see that I have oil against the darkness of a power outage, as well as propane for the heater and camp stove. Cans and jars and paper supplies…I feel comforted by being ahead, by knowing that even if it happens to snow too much for me to make my escape out into the world, I will have what I need to get by. You may laugh, and maybe you should…but I did have one winter where I was without power for nine days, but because I always have this tiny-animal drive to stock up, I was OK.
But for now, I am determined to enjoy the non-snowy weather while we still have it, to bask in the warmth.

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