Last year, I got a check book sized planner from the Doctor’s office.  I loved it, in the front it had a note pad for a to-do list, decent size spaces for scrawling stuff.  I needed a book mark, so I used a post it note.  I wanted to use this, not as just a day runner, but also as a bit of an accountability journal.  Honestly, I don’t remember for very long what I have done.  How far did I walk?  Did I drink enough water?  ETC. Life becomes this incomprehensible blur where I assume I did stuff.

But I swiftly grew tired of marking down “drank water” “Updtd Twit” “Blogged” 

It made me wonder if I could print a sort of check list off on my post it notes, so it could both be a book mark AND a place I could just check stuff off?

I found the perfect blank template at School Handouts.  This is a template for printing 3 x 3 post it notes.  You print the template, then use it to place the post its in the right place.  I also used the blank template (You open it in a word processing program) to develop a check list.

And then I printed it out, carefully.  I was not looking forward to post its getting lost in the very expensive office laser printer.

Here is what this year’s looks like, so you get what I mean:

You will notice the words are a little cut off. Do not be like me…position post it note with more care. 🙂

Last year’s was a lot less full.  It just listed, mostly, social media stuff I wanted to make sure I did once a week.  (And may I give extra kudos to my doctor’s office for buying the exact same planner again?  Instead this one is green and black rather than read and black.  It’s perfect for me, and I am super excited to use it again this year.)

This year, I’ve made it daily.  With the hope that if it’s simple — just a quick check off — I will actually DO it.  I did fairly well on the weekly one, so here’s hoping.

There’s social media.  There’s Word of the Day (I want to learn and use one new word a day), Amazon Music (I am on the trail and I want to know if I actually USE it before I buy it) WC is word Count, chore is one thing — clean the bathroom, whatever…I need to do one thing a day instead of just disappearing into a book when I get home from work.  

I forgot a date line.

Anyway, when the week is over, I’ll compile the post it’s, see what I did good and where I am flagging, and try to improve.  

Cool, now to hit publish and check something else off my list!

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