So, in my quiet time I did not only manage to read a book a day, I also watched The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.  It’s a 1950’s era drama about a woman who has everything, until her would be stand-up comic husband leaves her.  In a wine-fueled rage, she takes to the stage at the place where her husband, Joel, just bombed and does a hilarious, spontaneous narration of what just happened to her.   Thus she finds out that she has the talent for stand-up comedy.

And just a tiny bit adorable, too.

The first thing that happens is that we are introduced to Miriam (Midge) Maisel as she toasts her husband on their wedding day.  It’s a clever way to show her as a stand-up – since every episode will have her doing a routine – and to give us a feel for the characters.

There are a lot of things to love about the show.  It is a 1950’s showpiece, with amazing costumes, hair, and the setting of New York itself.  With the accents, the music, everything feels real.   Rachel Brosnahan is wonderful, confident and pleasant.   And her relationships are really fantastic.  So many times when a show has a breakup at the core of the plot you look at the significant other and go, wow.  I don’t see why you guys ever married in the first place.  But Joel and Midge have a way of fitting together.  They seem a lot alike in important ways.  Susie Myerson, who sees the diamond in the rough that Midge is and becomes her agent is the perfect combination of “screw you world” and genuine passion for Midge’s success. 

There are plenty of ups and downs – Midge’s parents are amazing – to keep you captivated.  I am so looking forward to season 2.

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