It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but finding presents – or at least knowing what to get for people – can be a headache.


May I suggest a few ideas?  My books all happen to pair nicely with small things to create easy to pull together themed presents.

The following can be made to fit to any price range.  The only thing…well, they have to like to read!

So, grab a nice gift bag and get ready to get some shopping done!


Chocolate Lovers

The Chocolatier’s Wife

The Chocolatier’s Ghost


Both come in illustrated hardcover or paperback.  The hardcovers will suit, especially if the person you are buying for seems to be especially picky and hard to buy for.  The trades will be nice for avid readers who keep a lot of books, because they are smaller and will save in shelf space!

A box or two of nice tea…if you have a large tea collection of your own, you might want to go and grab a couple bags from each both in your stores…a great way for someone to try lots of new tea!  Always include two bags.  (And, of course, make sure they are in sealed pouches.)

I don’t know who this nice young man is, but he is right. It is ALWAYS tea season.

If you are not much of a tea drinker, here are some good examples that will taste great with chocolate.

Mint tea – I especially love Plantation Mint, Bigelow.  Very easy to find. Cardamon Pur-Eh – Numi.  Comforting, earthy, filling.Jasmin Green Tea – Numi.  A lovely green tea with a gentle floral flavor. Breakfast in Paris – Stash.  It is a lavender and black tea.  Also comforting and elegant. 

And…of course…Chocolate.  You can get something fancy, or something like little Dove chocolates.  If you go with something wrapped in a bag, break it open, get a few different kinds and give them a variety.


A nice cup, skip the bagged tea for loose leaf, a cute infuser. 

You can get a little box of more pricey chocolate, or go crazy with variety in the mid range.

Comfy yet indulgent:

Blue Moon


Both in paperback, modern fantasy adventures with a little bit of romance. 

1 bottle of wine – may I suggest something dark, sweet and red?

Really. Well. It depends on how much you like them, I guess. (I am not actually suggesting that you murder your less beloved relatives.)

One nice wine glass.

Comfy, soft socks or slippers, something soft and fuzzy and sherpa lined.

A bar or two of dark chocolate. 

If they don’t drink, you might want to go for hot chocolate, special coffee, or tea.  

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