Q:  What got you interested in comedic science fiction?

A: I loved scifi since I was a kid. Star Trek, Star Wars, Superman, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers. It was hooked early on. And then as I got older Blade Runner, Back to the Future, Aliens, and Quantum Leap were some of my favorites.

Q: I love the fact that your backpacking through Europe and New Zealand inspired your Finders Keepers series.  Is there anywhere else you would like to go?  Would you ever backpack again?

A:  My goal is to touch down on every continent—including Antarctica—at least once before I die. Not sure I’ll make it, but that’s what I’m shooting for. And yes, I would definitely backpack again, although I’d stay in nicer places.  😀

Q:  If you could re-write one TV show or movie, what would you pick?

A: Fantasy Island

Q:  What would you name the monster under your bed?

A: Not telling! That’s a story for another day, and one I plan to write. Stay tuned …

Q: A super rich friend is willing to give you a house, but you have to choose between a lodge in the woods, a condo on the beach on Florida or a house outside of Paris.  What would you pick?

A: Hmmm … depends on the details. Probably the lodge in the woods … as long as it was close to civilization, and I had reliable WiFi! Definitely not Florida, and as much as I love to travel, me and Paris don’t really get along. I passed through Paris four times. Each experience was lousy, each one more unpleasant than the last.

Q: Do you have any tips you could share with fellow authors about publicizing your work?

A: Write the best stories you can. Nothing connects better with readers than engaging tales. Beyond that … publicity is difficult, so between live events, podcasts, and other social media engagements, spend your time in the ways that are most effective for you, ask for help in the areas where you struggle, and then try not to let it drive you nuts. Because it will if you let it!

Q:  You have twins…if either of them wanted to follow in your footsteps, what would you say?

A: Don’t do it! Ha. But if either or both really wants to be a writer, I’ll encourage them to do it because they love it, and not worry about making money from it. Just have fun.

Q:  How disappointed are you that we do not have flying cars yet?

A: Not one bit. I’m in no hurry to face the future. Change is already occurring at a pace far beyond what we as humans can reasonably adjust to, and, IMHO, we are worse off for it. I’d actually prefer the pace of change to slow down a bit so that we can catch up and better process what’s happening and why, but I think I’m outta luck on that one.

Q:  If you could live in any book, what would you pick?

A: You know, you tripped me up with this one. I thought about this quite a bit, wracking my brains to find the right book for me, doing online searches, and even went up and down my bookshelf at home. And then I realized it was right in front of me. If I could live inside any book, it would actually be the last book in my Finders Keepers trilogy, Astropalooza. Pretty much the entire novel takes place in Eternity, the ‘magical’ realm where the Universe is created. It looks and feels much like Earth as we know it, but in a more fantastical way, and everyone in Eternity has a job that in some way—either directly or indirectly—goes towards creating, designing, and/or maintaining the Universe. That’s one adventure I don’t think I’d be able to pass up—as long as my wife and kids could join me. We’re a package deal.

For fans of Douglas Adams, Christopher Moore, Tom Robins, Third Rock from the Sun, Groundhog Day, Hot Tub Time Machine, and Harold & Kumar go to White Castle.


Finders Keepers (Finders Keepers #1) by Russ Colchamiro


Traversing Europe, New Zealand, and the backbone of Eternity, Finders Keepers is a raunchy, sci-fi backpacking comedy that not only tackles friendship, sex, commitment, and desire, but also God, reincarnation–and what really happened to the dinosaurs!

On a backpacking trip through Europe, Jason Medley and Theo Barnes stumble through hash bars and hangovers; religious zealots and stalkers; food poisoning and thunderstorms; cute girls; overnight trains; fever-pitch hallucinations–and the spectre of adult responsibility!

But when a jar containing the Universe’s DNA falls from Eternity, these new friends find their loyalties put to the test . . . unaware that a motley crew from another realm is chasing them across the globe, with the fate of the Milky Way hanging in the balance.

For fans of Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Christopher Moore, Tom Robins, Third Rock from the Sun, Groundhog Day, Hot Tub Time Machine, and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Finders Keepers is the first book in author Russ Cochamiro’s scifi comedy trilogy.


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Genius de Milo (Finders Keepers #2) by Russ Colchamiro



Milo — the Universe’s Great Disruptor and ultimate gremlin — is creating havoc in the galaxy, with the Earth fluxing in and out of Existence. Which, of course, means no rest for best pals Jason Medley and Theo Barnes!

After a backpacking trip through Europe and New Zealand that — thanks to a jar of Cosmic Building Material they found — almost wiped out the galaxy once before, Theo now finds that his twin girls are teleporting, and Jason can’t tell which version of his life is real.

Joined by the mysterious Jamie — a down-and-out hotel clerk from Eternity — Jason and Theo reunite on a frantic, cross-country chase across America, praying they can retrieve that radioactive jar, circumvent Milo, and save the Earth from irrevocable disaster.

In author Russ Colchamiro’s uproarious sequel to Finders Keepers, he finally confirms what we’ve long suspected … that there’s just no de Milo quite like a Genius de Milo.


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Astropalooza (Finders Keepers 3) by Russ Colchamiro


Astropalooza, the greatest celebration in the Universe, is just days away. And it’ll be a party like no other — namely, the last one ever!

Backpacking pals Jason Medley and Theo Barnes have already saved the Earth — twice! — nearly obliterating themselves in the process, thanks to a missing jar of the Universe’s DNA. But things are about to get a whole lot … worse.

Because thanks to our bumbling heroes, the next Big Bang is imminent, with two massive energy waves barreling through space towards one another. When they collide, it’ll be the end of Existence as we know it.

Can Jason and Theo finally return their radioactive jar before those waves crash, wiping away the Cosmos? Can they save the Universe … again?

With Astropalooza, author Russ Colchamiro brings you the epic conclusion of his hilarious Finders Keepers trilogy. So join the party. You’ll never have so much fun going out with a Bang!

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About the Author


Russ Colchamiro is the author of the rollicking space adventure, Crossline, the hilarious sci-fi backpacking comedy series, Finders Keepers, Genius de Milo, and Astropalooza, and is editor of the new anthology, Love, Murder & Mayhem, all with Crazy 8 Press.

Russ lives in New Jersey with his wife, two children, and crazy dog, Simon, who may in fact be an alien himself. Russ has also contributed to several other anthologies, including Tales of the Crimson Keep, Pangaea, and Altered States of the Union, and TV Gods 2. He is now at work on a top-secret project, and a Finders Keepers spin-off.

As a matter of full disclosure, readers should not be surprised if Russ spontaneously teleports in a blast of white light followed by screaming fluorescent color and the feeling of being sucked through a tornado. It’s just how he gets around — windier than the bus, for sure, but much quicker.


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