No headache today. With it gone, the birds have begun to sing in unison, the deer and foxes are pals, and everything is both peachy *and* keen.

I also managed to get caught up with work (as much as possible, a budget problem is causing me to sit on some things….grrr.) and I wrote about Bronwyn, a warrior lady from the Pandoth Empire, the empire that sort of comes out as a background bag guy in Chocolatier’s Wife. I also finished Unbalanced…I guess we have one more read through and everything should be good. We took out a sub-sub-story and I need to make sure that there’s no way to tell that it had ever been there.

So, I’ve been looking at Amazon, Half and all the other places I try and get my books from, and now am trying to complete my Laurie R. King and my David Duncan collections so I can catch up on Sherlock Holmes and The Kings Blades. Secretly, I’d love to take a whole pile of books to Pennsic and dedicate an hour or two a day just reading, but I have a feeling that I won’t do that…time just goes too, too quickly. That’s not to say that a half dozen books won’t be packed…

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