Sso, I told you all I know while it was fairly fresh.

Other things you might want to buy:

Sunscreen stick – it’s smaller than most sunscreens, AND it’s not a liquid.

No Jet Lag – Maybe I am special and jet lag just didn’t bother me, but the No Jet Lag pills seemed to work.  I felt fantastic my first day in England, and I was great to drive and did not feel hideous when I returned.  I don’t heavily encourage it, but it worked for me.  I also made sure to sleep as much as possible going to London, so maybe I was lucky.

I feel blessed because this was not me. But since I keep talking about it, the next flight is sure to be hell. Hell, I say.

Inflatable pillows:  Be super careful.  I choose poorly.|adaptpdph1|related_prods_vv|adaptpdph1|50020496|1  Look at it.  It’s SOFT.  It’s BLUE.  And it held air fine.  Until I got on the plane.  Mum had one, too, and it was the same utter fail.  The saving grace is that there is enough to it that it served as a nice support to hold my soft jacket around my neck, so I was able to sleep on the plane.

It doesn’t hold air off the plane, either.  So I screwed up.  I might buy Microbeads and fill it up?  Or maybe just throw it out and lick my wounds.

Plug Adaptors:  I used these —  and did not destroy anything with them, so I assume they are OK.  I actually did need three, one for my iPad, one for my mum’s tablet, and one for our camera.

I also bought a super foldy bag in case I bought so many souvenirs that I needed to pay for another bag.  I did buy stuff…mostly magnets and souvenir books.  A lot of places would not let you take pictures inside so the books were fun and useful.  But we packed so little that we were able to pack our souvenirs in the back packs.   But a bag that folds small could be useful.

I did buy laundry stuff, because mum and I were carrying so little.  I did not use the laundry line, though it might have been useful…(I did not even pack it.  I bought one, but changed my mind.)  I bought a drain plug, but most hotels had sinks that could be plugged.  I also bought tide mini-detergents, but probably I could have made do with the shower soap?

But the tide mini-detergents rinsed out really well.  A secret is that you wash stuff, let it dry, then iron it to finish it.

But the award for thing I bought that really helped goes to:

It’s a Coleman Raincoat.  It comes in a little mesh bag.  It folds up super small.  If you wear it on top of your jacket, it makes your jacket much warmer.  It dries wicked fast.  It has a zipper flap so it protects the zipper from bringing water in.   It’s 24 bucks, which is around what I paid for my really nice raincoat, but my nice raincoat is super bulky.   I kept it in an easy to get to place, and when I rained I just pulled it out and was fine.

It’s two weeks in the UK. You will need a rain coat.

I also took a hat.  Hats are awesome.

What did I pack?  Counting what I wore?  Three short sleeved tees.  One long sleeved.  Two pants.  I skipped jeans in favor of lighter stuff that would dry faster.  Sun screen,  deodorant, sample shampoo, conditioner, a mini bar of soap, travel toothpaste, folding tooth brush.  Underwear I did not want to keep – you know, those suspect pairs that are really awful and you would not want anyone to see you in, but you keep them because “They still have wear” – and I threw them out as I went, freeing up more room.  Which saved me paying more money to bring another bag on the plane.  Three pairs of socks.  IPad.  Passport, cards, money.  Raincoat,  shopping bag that folds small (I used it the days I did not have to carry my back pack around, to carry the raincoats and purchases.)  My purse, which also can be folded up as its cloth.  For my medicine I packed exactly what I would need, and ripped off the labels and threw out the bottles, making myself more room.  Hair brush, hair ties, hat, aspirin and ibuprofen.  Chapstick, drain plug, tide, little Kleenex pack, pack of wipes.  The deodorant was old, so I could pitch it at the end without too much self-hate over the waste.  I also made copies of the pass ports and printed the vouchers out.  Oh, and an extra bra, shorts, and a tank top and a sports bra to sleep in.

I did not need the sample shampoo and conditioner…every place had some.  I used the soap because I knew there would not be wash cloths.  I could not feature carrying a wet washcloth around England, so I made do.

As long as I looked clean and did not smell, I made sure I did not think too much about what I wore.  I felt a little grubby in London because the girls were mostly wearing pretty dresses.  But, I did not have the time to worry too much about it.  I had to be practical.

I think that’s it.  Mostly everything I learned.    Hopefully it will be of use!  Feel free to post comments below for fellow travelers!

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