Wwhere are you going?  Where have you been?

The other way I saved time and money is through pre-buying passes.   I mostly bought my stuff through Visit Britain’s shop:  https://www.visitbritainshop.com/  You have to print them ahead of time, and I printed two copies…one for my back pack, one for my mother’s.

But…but I bought my passes already. I can go in!

I bought the Scottish Heritage Pass because I added the price to get into Stirling and Edinburgh castles and realized it was cheaper.  I was also able to get to a couple other places using this pass, making it even better.

I bought the Three Royal Palaces pass for the same reason…and I bought the London Pass.  Wait, you might be thinking…why would you buy BOTH of those, when the London Pass covers all three of those palaces?

Timing, really.  I did not save much money wise – I think I only saved a little money using the London Pass, BUT – it pre-paid for my stuff, they gave me a pretty useful booklet that I could carry around instead of my iPad, and fast tracked me into a lot of places, saving me time.

I saved money on the Three Royal Palaces pass because I ended up using it on days I did not have the London Pass.

NOTE:  If you use the Three Royal Palaces pass, you have to turn the voucher in at the Tower of London, you can’t do the other places first.  This worked great for us – we got off the plane, took the tube to the Tower, walked across tower bridge and got to get the Tower done.  Then we took a train out to Warwick.

You can use that pass any day you want over the next couple of years, so you can see three major attractions (That all take a ton of time) on different days than you have the London Pass for.  Granted, we only bought the pass for two days.   So your mileage may vary.

I think you should have the pass mailed to you.  I bought it sort of at the last minute, and had to make an extra trip into London to get it.  It worked fine?  But I would have been happier with it in my hands.

I did not use the mobile option because I was not sure what kind of phone I’d buy in England.  I intended to buy a burner, because my phone at home is a burner – Tracfone would not let me use it overseas.  But I never quite got around to it.  So I survived 14 days in another country without a cell phone.  I did have my iPad, which made it easier.  But yes.  You can survive without a cell.  It was a little inconvenient only in that it would have been nice to have been able to call my own taxi or use an app to look up when a bus was due, but otherwise I was fine.

So, yes.  Look at where you are going and see if you can get tickets for it ahead of time.  For Kensington it saved us because even though the security line slowed us down (this happened a few times, you cannot fast track through security) we still did not have to wait in long lines for tickets.

So, yes.  I liked the passes I bought because I was able to do the Tower, Hampton Court and Kensington on three different days, and then a whole bunch of other awesome stuff, like Windsor, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s, etc. on the London Pass days.  I don’t know how I would have seen all those things in two days, so the flexibility really super helped.

Again, it’s something you will really have to study out.  You may find adding another day to your London pass is more effective.

Finally for next week:  Things you might find useful to know

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