Tthe first part is to choose when you want to go.  The ability to be a little flexible is a plus (you can look at the chart of flights, and sometimes you will see that the flight on one day is cheaper than the flight on the day before, for example.)

I got lucky – the flights I wanted for the return trip meant I returned on July 3rd – I had the 4th off without having to give up a vacation day, so I could recover.

Photo snagged from another great WOW article,

Choose your airline. There are lots of helpful articles online about the best time to buy tickets, i.e. on a Tuesday.  Save up your money and buy your tickets ASAP.  The sooner you buy them the cheaper they will be, AND that will give you your time parameters.

Now that you know when you will get there and when you will leave, you will find that planning will be easier.  You actually need this before you can do any other steps.

So, I went with WOW.

They really are cheap, but like any airlines the tickets you choose are only a base, you then have to pay if you want to pick a seat (And I did, I didn’t want to spend hours in the air 15 rows away from my mum) and if you want more than one piece of personal luggage.  At the time you could have a medium-ish back pack, so I decided that I would not add on either a second carry on or a checked bag at first.  You can edit your preferences online until you check in online for your flight the day before, so I decided to put off adding anything until I knew if I needed it.  If you add anything at the airport or via phone it costs more, so be careful of your timing.

They are actually really good.  Their customer service is friendly and fairly quick.  (Use the email – the phone was not as effective.)

The Flight Attendants (or Cabin Crew) were dressed in really cute retro uniforms.  From a practical standpoint I felt bad for them (heels!) but they looked fantastic.  They also did their hair in vintage styles.  (I love vintage – I wear vintage – so yeah.  But I would have been equally happy if they had not been in jackets and pencil skirts and more comfy.)

The planes were nice and clean…the seats were comfortable enough?  And the plane for the longer leg of my journey had outlets, so I could top up my iPad, which (since I was carrying everything on my back) was my book, travel planner, note book, and mindless pokey game provider.

The food, though, was a little pricy.  Mum and I shared a ham baguette, which was very tasty.  The bread was marvelous, but you might do better on land.   During first stopover at Keflavik mum and I managed to pass through a little store that served pre-boxed sandwiches and such, and that was a little better value.  They don’t care about you bringing stuff on the airplane, so make sure you bring water and something to eat and you will be fine.

Next step? Decide how you will get around the UK.

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