OoR, How do you go to England on a secretary’s salary without punching your savings account too hard in the face?

I feel like this sometimes, but I never look that happy about it.

Intro time.

I have wanted to go to England and Scotland for years.  Way too many years.  But every time I looked into it the plane tickets were prohibitive – I could literally take my mum on a road trip across the US for what two plane tickets would cost.  So I didn’t feel like I could justify it.

Then Wow Airlines came in.  They were cheap (I will talk about them in the next post.) and suddenly I could make things work.

And as I started planning, I realized that there were a lot of things I could do to not only make the UK affordable, but to spread out the financial pain.   And I’ve been telling people about it, and they seem like, “This is pretty awesome” so whether it is awesome of they were just being nice, I will let you decide over the next few weekly posts.

Before we get started, let me explain the kind of traveler I usually am…I say usually because this trip became very different!   My mother is on the “Golden Age Pass” – which, if you are 62 and up, means you and a friend can get into any National park free. (https://www.nps.gov/planyourvisit/passes.htm)

We are NPS junkies so this is fantastic for us.  Camping is often discounted even in State Parks for peeps her age, too.  So usually we camp as much as possible and eat inexpensively and such.  But England, we knew would be different.   So that was an adventure, all on its own, but also more hotels = more expense.

My usual type of vacation.

We are experience people, not shopping people.  (I LIKE to shop.  Don’t get me wrong.  But I am worthless at making time for it.)

We know that we may never get back (I know, never say never, but) so we try and do as much as we can.  We try and steal marches by getting as close as we can to the next thing before we stop for the night.  Sometimes we will decide to stay at a cheap hotel so we can drive another couple of hours and get to the place.  But we couldn’t do that this trip, either, so planning had to be very different.  And there was some stress wanting to make the train because I’d already pre-booked a room somewhere.

Thus, I also think of time as being worth as much as money.  I actually have a mental worth for my time.  If I can spend a little more and waste less time, or gain more time, I am likely to.

So this trip, with the realization that I would not be driving already had a different complexion.  And we had to carry as little as possible because we would be carrying it on our backs, and my mum is an adorable little older lady who you don’t want to carry much.

  1. Enough intro. Since I am wordy as heck and no one wants to read a ton of stuff in one sitting I will be dividing up these posts.  I am pre-writing and pre-posting these for every Friday without fail.  I don’t like leaving people hanging!

Next week:  The airlines, or, in which we make the big commitment OMG.


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