Rright now it’s hard cover and eBook, but trade paperback will also be available.

*pets the cover*  I love how the cover is done by the same man (David Howard Johnson) because they look so pretty together.

We know that Tasmin is dark-haired, so who is this playing with the wind sprites?


Are you excited?  Spread the word, please!  And leave a review if you can – the hardest part, the most crucial part for the success of any author that you like is reviews.  They don’t have to be long (and they don’t, actually, have to be nice, though we always hope and pray for nice ones) you just need a certain amount of reviews for the Amazon algorithms to kick in.  I think I talk more about it in the next blog post (which I wrote months ago, lol.)

I am also working on a blog post about my recent trip to the UK, or rather, how I made it doable for me, in the hopes that someone finds my ideas useful.

And…starting next week, there will be a blog tour!  I’ll try and post links as we go.  (No, really, I will.)

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