The new edition of The Chocolatier’s Wife, now with lovely illustrations and amazing maps is out in hard cover.

The box came a couple days ago…it was really kind of wonderful, opening up the box and seeing my book in hardcover.  A real dust jacket, deep green cover underneath.  There is something that feels so — I don’t know, immortal about hard covers.  I know that probably sounds silly — I am sure I am not any more or less “immortal” than I ever was, but hard cover always felt like part of the big leagues.


I was also at a signing at Wind Gate Winery.  I confess…I am not much on wine, but the setting was rather lovely.  Lots of wonderful authors, great food, and happiness.

Kathy Bryson featured me on her blog:  It was pretty awesome of her…and I’ve been checking out her work, she’s really good.

My TBR pile has mostly been the Benjamin January books.  I love that series so much (Barbara Hambly is amazing) but I just kept buying them for Christmas and not reading them, so I had a backlog of five books.  That’s been fun to read.

On June 7th, the word will see the cover for The Chocolatier’s Ghost…it looks amazing, and it’s by the same artist that did the ‘Wife.  On July 10th, I will be embarking on an awesome Blog tour!

I started working on the Fifteenth Princess this week…I started on this book mentally in January, when I was off sick for a week from work.

So that’s me caught up.

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