Anyway.  You know what I told my editor and publisher a few weeks ago?

I told them that I would turn in The Chocolatier’s Ghost by the end of the month.  Apparently, despite the scarring of many years, I forgot that April is my super-busy-run-run-and-become-brain-dead month.  And that the last half of March is just as insane as all of April.

So yeah.  I promised to turn in a fully polished MS (the second draft is half way done) by the end of THIS MONTH.

HAHAHAHAH (pause for breath)  HAHAHAHAHA SOB

One of the things I did to make myself crazy was help provide the entertainment at an event where I work.

Here is a video featuring me a lot in the background.  I am fencing in the black doublet and skirt.  (The black doublet is actually over the boned kirtle that goes with my purple Tudor dress.  I’m dancing in the purple Tudor dress, too.  Everything you see me wear, save for the gloves, I made, and the embroidery on my skirt is also by me.)

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