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I have often said to people something like, “If you are not made easily happy, it will be hard for you to be happy at all.”

The Blog Hop is about the little things that make us happy…and I think that it’s important to celebrate that.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying anything – whether it is a small, simple thing (Falling in love with a new author whose book you found for a steal at a library sale, The Game of Thrones returning, the warmth of the sun on a spring day) or something huge, like a vacation.  It’s the little things in life that get us through every day until we can get to the big things.

My little thing right now is hiking.  Well, I don’t really call it hiking – I have a stick, I have a snazzy hat, but I don’t often do tall mountainous paths that take hours to get to a scenic view.  (And when I say often, you may translate that to, I did it because it was at a National Park and several days from home so I figured I’d better do it because I’d never get the chance again.)  So, maybe I am more of a pleasure walker.  The past few weeks have had unseasonably warm weather (It’s blissful, but I am well aware it is not normal.  But I can’t change it, so I will enjoy it and hope for the best.) and that has made me itchy to go out.

I love walks.  I love feeling the breeze – it’s warm and inviting, no teeth to it at all – and the sun on my skin.  I love looking at the light on the water.  It feels good to move the body and feel fresh air going into the lungs.  The hikes were all smooth, easy going paths, so you just set the pace and got going and it was lovely and easy.

Going to a park has a way of lifting my spirits.  Especially after a couple of months of being cooped up in the house.  So that’s my little thing, my little look forward to.  What’s yours?

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