So, I finally, actually wrote the ending to The Chocolatier’s Ghost.  I officially finished Tuesday, and it was marvelous.  After weeks of brutally pulling the words out of the cold muck of my head and setting them, carefully, side by side the ending came in a flood of words.  I totally had that “OMG I AM A WRITER” high for a bit.

I looked at the list of “chapters” in Scrivener, and counted them, decided that I wanted to be done by March 31st with draft two, and divided it by the days left.  There are 50-some “chapters” – right now any change of scene or person merits a new chapter, and one of the things I’ll be doing is reducing that number.  But I know I have to edit about 6 sections a day (skipping weekends—I’ll work on weekends but I like the buffer) and I will be done.  I really want to clean it up and turn it in to Dragon Well by the end of April.  I think I am, thank God, on track to do so.

I am actually really excited right now.  The book feels “uploaded” in my head, which is the best way to describe the feeling I have right now.  The story is sitting there comfortably and I feel very in touch with it.  I know what needs to happen for the end to work.  I have most of the data I need and I can tell if this section works, what needs tweaked, etc.  I didn’t have a clear vision of Whodunnit until recently – I think that was part of the problem.  I kept getting off track.  I knew what happened, I knew who was doing it, and pretty much why, but when I finally got to the end it changed.  The truth was revealed to me, so to speak, so I now have to make sure it all 100% makes sense.  I need to look at each character and say “Are you doing what you need to be doing?”  I like to make sure that someone could start from the beginning and go, “Oh!  OK!  Yeah, that makes sense.”

It’s like, evidence to support your argument in your thesis.  But except you don’t go to other sources and pull out quotes, you mention things in passing, you build things into the background.

So that is what I am doing.  Deleting a couple of scenes – I have so many unused bits already because they no longer fit – tweaking so that it all fits.  Putting the proverbial gun in the drawer.  And it’s exciting because I KNOW now what I need to do.  I’m not feeling around and guessing.

You know what else is exciting?  I’ll have written a book two years in a row.  Key to All Things was finished…September?  I think?  ANYWAY.  If I can actually finish CG on time, I can write another book, maybe even finish it…this year.  DUDE.

Or maybe I should use this as a time to do some screenplays?  HMMM.  Or short stories?  But it is rather wonderful to be on a finish-a-book-a-year track.  It’s taken me so long to get here.  I am determined that I shall make it last.

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