And now I will leave you with the final (for now) short story, “The Fortunate Ones.” It is by far my grimmest short story – and one that is the hardest to talk about. Partly because it deals with spousal abuse, partly because it deals with how the mind tries to escape what’s happening to it. The main character is of a race of people who believed that all of their fortune resided within their women, and so they became a commodity…slaves to be bought and sold.

It’s about a woman trying very hard to be brave, and about the imagination, and about not knowing what’s real.

All of my stories I can remember why I wrote them…I can tell you the catalyst (and have, I remind us with a wry grin) and what life was like. I just remember typing this one out…it was another story that would not shut up, and it wrote itself right over another short story that I was writing. Come to think of it, I never did finish the other one…but some stories are like that. Stories have power, they have things that need to be said. I wrote one that no one has read because it’s somewhat erotic (very for me, not so much by most standards) because I wanted to try and capture the emptiest moment a person could have.

Now. I shall stop blogging and work on one of those stories that must be read.

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