Mmy dream life. Oh, wow.

I could say “I write them in my books” but I don’t.

Some of my dreams are prosaic. I want to be a hermit so badly that my teeth hurt. Freedom is the thing I might want most in life. Sometimes it is that companionship, (I’ll save some of these thoughts for a future entry on soul mates) that perfect idea of love.

So those dreams are about how I become a hermit, what I would do.

My dream life usually involves characters from movies and TV that I like. A handsome Russian soldier from a TV mini series – after I’ve explored that character he gets pulled out of that world, becomes a captain under orders to siege a town, hiding his magical powers. A Victorian scholar from a BBC movie goes from his gentle, boring life to that becoming a cover for him being a spy.

I get to explore romance and adventure in pieces. I get to use ideas I would never be able to use, fall in love and save the day in countless ways. My dream life has romance and swords and magic, and everything is ideal…except for those few times when things have to be less ideal for the sake of an interesting daydream.

Some of these bits and pieces will become stories that you will read, someday. But mostly, it is how I get along in life, how I color the mundane world into survivable bits and pieces.

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