I purposely skipped yesterday, because to be honest my Tumblr is a collage of likable things…I love that about Tumblr, that you can lose yourself in beauty.

Favorite fragrances?

I am weird about fragrances.  Anything too sweet, too floral will give me a headache, though I genuinely like lavender and roses.  I can bury my nose in rosemary and breathe for hours.  Limes and citrus make me feel like sunlight is in my head.

In general I avoid anything scented (sometimes it is impossible to find scentless deodorant) but I do like getting essential oils.  I do sometimes scent my handkerchiefs with lovely scents by scenting a piece of muslin and putting it in the bottom of the handkerchief drawer.

Currently I am binge watching Elementary and hand sewing.  One of my friends made me a magnificent outfit, but the skirt was too long so I am re-sewing the hem.  It’s a magnificent, heavy velvet, a pleasure to sew.  I have been very sick — no fencing tonight, so sewing and TV watching is very comforting.

I have been desperately wanting to hike, but it’s been so cold.  Just a nice long walk, admiring the world.

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