“One Hundred Eight Degrees” is a short story that was meant to play an idea that is, off and on, very popular in fantasy…the mundane, every day person from our world traveling to another.

Don’t get me wrong…I’ve always liked the idea, it’s very seductive. I remember, particularly, Alan Dean Foster’s Spellsinger and Magic Kingdom Books, But I wondered, about all the characters from these books who go to these magnificent worlds, who do these marvelous things…and then they come back. They come back and they are secretaries instead of sorceresses, workman instead of wizards, they work at Kings instead of being Kings. How would you deal with that? Worse, how would you deal with it if there was a chance you could go back?

Between you and me and the internet, I keep wanting to write a travel to another world story, but keep avoiding it because I worry that people are sick of them. But maybe, someday, I will.

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