So, I wanted to wish you all a wonderful New Year. I love this part of the year — the cusp of something new. S much hope, so much possibility. This was not a bad year, I finished a new book that my current editor loves so much that she has encouraged me to use it to seek an Agent, in the hope that my career can take the next step. I took my mother to Canada and we drove across the US and saw the Pacific again. I feel really lucky, to have seen some of the things that I got to see.

I took two cadets — I’m a White Scarf, which means that I am a pretty decent fencer, and I am able to take personal students. In the SCA it’s sort of like adding to your family, so that’s awesome, I’m responsible for helping their training, mentoring as needed. It’s a huge honor and rather lovely.

Lots of good odds and ends. I lost weight, took some steps towards accepting myself and accepting the idea that I am not ugly.

I want a lot of things for 2016. More travel — though I’ve not saved up for the brass ring that has England and Scotland engraved on it. Maybe next year. Hopefully I will get an agent. Finish The Chocolatier’s Ghost. Maybe learn more about screen writing.

I also want to read more about some period masters, especially study some more about the English Masters. And sew some. Oh, do I have sewing to do.

OK, enough. I want to wish you something with all my heart.

I don’t know if 2015 was good for you or not. I hope it was, but — in any case — I pray with all my heart that you will have a wonderful 2016. That every day brings you closer to your dreams. That your weeks are filled with more joy than tears. That you find at least one of your heart’s desires realized.

You are amazing for stopping by, for supporting me. Thank you darlings. Happy New Year.

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