So, after a couple of times of people complimenting me on stuff that was not mine, I decided not to cross post my Tumblr. I don’t want to look like a thief or to have people think I’m more talented than I actually am.

I loved cross posting between the blog and the tumblr because then people could see everything in one place, if they were on tumblr, and people who weren’t could see beautiful things. I like sharing lovely things. (And it was a bit of cheating, it makes me look a lot more active than I am. It’s hard to come up with things to say very often, it is much easier to say, “Hey, let me share this sunset/castle/book picture that makes me happy.”)

The downside is that I will no longer have the desire to look professional on my blog reign me in any longer. “Should I REALLY repost another picture of this lovely actor and risk looking like a love struck pixie?” will no longer be answered with a no.

So, for pretty things that make me happy and inspired, check out my tumblr, or friend me there. I re-follow 96% of the time. The last one I didn’t follow was because they had a lot of naked girls, and I just didn’t feel like seeing that on my dash, especially since I sometimes check my tumblr during my lunch break at work. But I was grateful foe the follow, just the same.

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