“What Will I Do When This Dream is Over?” is another story inspired by travel. Like most of these, you can find it in But Can you Let Him Go?”

For awhile I was living at home writing and freelance editing. My father was itchy…he couldn’t stay home. He had a hobby, HO model trains, and he used his desire to go collect things for the lay out as an excuse to drive all over the place, usually we were never gone for more than a couple of hours.

And so I spent a lot of time in the back of the car, looking out the window, and thinking about the lives outside. Then one day I wondered, “What would happen if a woman was riding a unicorn through that red light?” Then I started to wonder why she was riding it.
It’s a story that gives me a chance to play with the mundane verses the magic…and I got to describe a couple of things that were common place to my travels through south western PA…old mills and abandoned farms.

Right now I’m actually away at Pennsic…so yay for the ability to post ahead on one’s blog! It’s the first weekend…by now my tent’s been set up for a couple days, and I fought yesterday at my first fencing battle (hopefully.) If I’m smart I’ll bum around and be relaxed all day, but I bet you I’m probably heading with my gear to the fencing field, unless it’s 90 degrees…but this is actually, title wise, a good short story to do this week, because I often wonder what I will do when the dream that is Pennsic is over. (Yes, it’s that cool. When I take care of my feet and have a good night’s sleep, at least…)

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