There’s a phrase in fencing called “Poke and pray” — basically you thrust your sword at a person and hope that your tip lands before theirs does. It’s inelegant, it’s just flailing and hoping. On the field you want to be mindful, you want to use your skills, but sometimes, well. Sometimes life is not ideal.

And sometimes, the writing world is like that. You like to think that it’s all about skill, right? But it’s not. It is much more about luck and having a good day. For instance, I am experimenting with the concept of the Twitter Pitch. Today, for several hours, people will be using twitter to pitch their finished fantasy books to agents. You get a max of 10 tweets, and if an agent favorites you, you get to look up their guidelines and send in a query package. Here’s the site for it, in case you are interested: It happens every so often, and there are others, like #pitmad, so you’ve not really missed the boat.

To me it’s a clever concept — hey, look, people who actually WANT new authors, instead of just making a guess and hoping! But it’s also daunting. I hate my tweets — I think I reduced my beautiful book to a bunch of tropes. So, I just scheduled a bunch of tweets and walked away. I am not sure if I even want to go on Twitter today. Tweeting and praying, I guess. *grins*

But we try. Sometimes the try is half closed eyes and flailing and hoping we don’t get killed.

(Don’t close your eyes on the fencing field though. Never a good idea with swords coming at you.)

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