I think I will depart from stories that are in my anthology to pick up another stray, “The Train,” which can be found in Needles and Bones. It was the second one I wrote, done partly because I wanted to capture an experience I’d had.

When I was a freshman in University, my grandmother died, and my mum and I flew down to Florida to help my grandfather. He wanted to move back up north, so we decided to take the auto train, this way he’d have his car but it wouldn’t be such a hard drive. My mother and I couldn’t sleep…we were sharing the top bunk of the room, while my grandfather snoozed on the bottom one, and it was close and hot.

We ended up going to the observation cart and playing cards, all night long. But there were a lot of the things that I wanted to capture, and a lot of Hester’s thoughts, as she looks out the window, were my own. Because of some of the thoughts she has to wrestle with, I consider this my Frankenstein story.

Here’s the cover for the antho…rather creepy, isn’t it?

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