Remember is the first short story I ever wrote. I’d never really attempted to write anything short, but a set of circumstances inspired me to try. What you see now’s gone through a few re-drafts, but it has not strayed too far from the original. You can find it in the But Can You Let Him Go? anthology.

I was in college, and I’d been reading short stories for classes, and as an editor for the college magazine, Flipside. So I understood the format, it was in my head, waiting to be used. During the time I was a big fan of the band INXS, and a friend had sent me the Dogs in Space Soundtrack. The movie starred Michael Hutchence, and was about the punk scene in Sydney in the 70’s, I think. There were some really good songs…Iggy Pop’s Endless Sea, Marie Hoy and Friend’s Shivers…

Ooh. The songs are on Youtube. Check out Shivers…:
“My Baby is so vain that she is almost a mirror” is such a great line.

And then, of course, there’s the song that brought us here, the song that brough the story right into my head, Rooms for the Memory.

I’m at work (I wrote this the week before) so I’m not really watching the video, so I am thinking there are no spoilers, but I may be wrong.

The song and the story, to be honest, have little in common. But I listened to the song over and over and over while I wrote the story. And it was on a tape player…so I would listen to the song, re-wind the tape (the song is the last song of the soundtrack…I got to the point where I knew when the stop exactly.) push down the button, and, with a loud click, I’d start back to writing again.

That’s how it was. Play. Rewind. Click. Play.

Listening to as much of the song as much as I dare, I am reminded by how much I loved
Michael’s voice. I miss him, sometimes, in a vague didn’t-know-him-but-he-was-part-of-my-life kind of way.

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