I hate Google docs right now. I’m collaborating with my editor, and it fights me all the time…and it’s slow. Maybe it would be better in Firefox than IE, but seriously, it should not take ages to backspace over a word.

Also, I think when we’re both in, it fights me more. So, not uber impressed.

Having an editor that you can trust is important. Maybe because I used to be an editor, I usually go by the idea that the author (me!) is way too close to the material to always know what’s right. You have a certain way you think, and certain way you put together words, and so, on the page, you know, absolutely, what you mean, and it all makes sense to you. But you really do need that second set of eyes to read over it. To cut out the extraneous, to question the things that don’t make sense. I accept nearly all the changes without question because I understand that fact. Also, because if one reader (my editor) finds a problem with something, then someone else will.

Coyote Con is going fairly well…lots of people in the chats, and I’m enjoying talking to people.

I don’t have any chats this weekend because I’m going away on a camping/fencing trip. The last time I looked at the weather I was underwhelmed because there are little lighting clouds over the days. There’s nothing I like more than being a lighting rod. I am tempted to buy myself a pair of plain black rubber boots, because I will be camping in the swamp with some friends, and I expect that the ground will be super soggy. Last year at the week long camping spree called Pennsic I destroyed my feet with wet shoes, and would like to not repeat that.

Hopefully the weather will dry up a little bit, and we can all have a relaxing weekend.

Right now I’m going to find something productive to do so I can stop thinking about how I am not enjoying wearing clothes over the epic sunburn on my shoulders. I went and looked at my sunscreen…it was only a couple of months out of date, so I feel slightly less stupid for getting myself sunburned than I did. All the cures that people suggested…and the ones that usually work…don’t seem to this time, and I’ve tried them all. I’ve been depending on Sarna. For instance, I used this highly recommended gel, and at first it was nice. It worked. Then it itched tons worse than before, and I became a raving lunatic. I had to run and wash it off.

I wish I could make a moral to that story…watch the expiration dates on non-edible things? Check your back frequently when you are outside?

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