I’m being very productive at work today. You know what that means, don’t you?

Exactly. I’m avoiding working on my editing project.

I got a good start on it…I think it’s funny that, several years ago an editor rejected the manuscript for The Book Formerly Known as Balancing Act because there was a scene where the main (male) character sounded like a sixteen year old girl. I was annoyed…not that she didn’t like the book, that comes with the territory, but that she’d not been a little more tactful.

I’m kind of laughing now because I read the passage and thought, “By Jove, she was right!” Yes, I did say by Jove, darn it, I’m trying to cut down the cussing.

It’s kind of fun to do, though. This book has been the longest journey for me…the first book I ever finished, it was a book that when I needed a creative writing project in University I pulled it out and worked on it. Back then the main character was a vampire, herself (hence the name Andromeda) and Alistair was a cop. Now Andromeda’s the cop, and Alistair is an out of work English department adjunct who runs a herb shop.

I wrote the newest incarnation when I was 25, 26. I’m 35, and I see that I am a different person, just as I did when I was 21 looking back on what I’d written when I was 16.

And it’s not just a story of what I’ve been as a writer, but of my attitudes. I re-wrote a scene because my reaction was, “That’s not romantic. I know that there, that scene, is supposed to be romantic but it really isn’t.”

Also, in the random fact category:

New tires are love.

I sincerely believe that if I survive driving up the narrow, twisty, steep, icky road to the main connecting road, that the main connecting road ought to be better than the icky twisty road as an award. But it’s not. I further believe that I should not be tailgated by some idjit who apparently perceives the road as much nicer and safer than I did.

Fabric-store.com has the 7.1 weight linen on sale. I love 7.1 weight linen. It drop tests so nicely. I am, however, avoiding the site studiously because I have enough linen, really I do. (In fact, I have storage issues…more related to the fact that I’ve stopped throwing my fabric in garbage bags and stuffed them under the train table. My fabric is now organized…by use, rather than kind. There’s the “Box of doublet fabric” and the “This is for armor” and “dress fabric for out of period dress I may never make.”

I need to sew faster, but I didn’t really feel like sewing over break. Which sucks because my best intentions promised me that I’d have the doublet for Rodrigo done by now…I have been more like, “It’s cold. I want to drink tea and read, not bend over a cutting table.

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