I’m going to post two posts that should have gone out earlier, but someone decided to play with my website…

Someone must have hit you with a phaser set on stunning!

Really? Would that work as a pick up line? Seriously? Jim is reading off pickup lines for nerdy girls to me…and none of them would work.

I am currently embracing my inner geek. Last night we went to Target, and saw that they have a couple Schleich knights that I do not yet have. I am seriously in love with my little knights. Not so thrilled with anything where you can see faces, but the knights…lovely.

The Sunday before last, we had visitors. I’ve been on a “No visitor!” kick because my house is a vile mess, but these people have known my parents forever. My father told them about my fencing, so I ran and got my kit, showed them some of the big eight, let them hold my pretty and heavy buckler, look through my mask, etc. The one gentleman is pushing 81, and he couldn’t get over the fact that a little girl like me was fighting with men. With metal swords. With just cloth armor. (though he thought that my doublet felt like the flack jacket he wore when he was a Marine.) And he asked me why I was doing it, and if there were a lot of other girls, and how we felt fighting men.

Then, according to his nephew, he went and told everyone, over and over about it, unable to get over the idea that little Cindy, who sat on his father’s lap as a baby, was fencing with boys. Really shows something, doesn’t it?

Also, one of the best parts of KWAR was that I got to show people the Big 8, and they were uber excited. It was awesome.

Feeling Crafty…

Last night we had our first A&S lecture of the semester, with Baron Langdon. It was about medieval wood working, and he brought chests pre-cut that, for a price, you could take home…the prices were all meant to (barely) cover the costs of the wood.

I selected the bench-chest, because I thought it would be super useful, and because I wanted to make sure the most expensive thing got taken. It sits higher than my knees, has a hinged lid with a nice, deep chest, and is sturdy as all get out. Two people can sit on it, though, granted, they’d have to at least be friends to do so. (It’s a close fit.) Mostly I did it by myself…I had guidance when I needed it, and people held it when I needed it so I could pound nails, but the mistakes I made are hard to see. So I’m kind of proud of my first furniture project. I found it very rewarding and satisfying, I always love to build or put things together. I think I might paint it (I usually varnish or stain wood. It’s a nice poplar, and I’m really tempted to just stain it to even out the fact that the wood is more than one color in a few places.) I’m not sure.

Some of my friends were sitting off to the side, so I realized that, being students who live in dorms they a) don’t really have money and b) don’t really have space or want to haul a wooden box back, so I asked them to make me one, and I’d pay for it. So they all got together and made a really lovely oak box. That one will get stained, and I think I will paint my arms on it.

I’m now mentally eyeballing my father’s tools and wondering if I can separate his wood working stuff out into a drawer that I can access…that was way too much fun. I love the liberation of knowing if I see something that I want and I can’t afford to buy it, I can make it.

I’m also back on the I want a pet kick. I even thought about getting a ferret or a bunny, but I really want a puppy. I do, however, know that I do not want a pony. I’m holding out for a Friesian. (Sometimes I really miss the appaloosa we had.)

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