OK, I am failing on my re-try of the happiness meme. Maybe I’ll just list, at random, things that make me happy when I become maudlin.

Today is exciting because I’ll be spending half of it in a Doctor’s office reading…the ear Doctor who actually fixed the problem (my ears don’t drain right, it’s sort of like having swimmer’s ear all the time…) is very popular, and the wait is always an ice age or two. But I get out of work early, so muaha? He’s going to be displeased with me, because I keep forgetting to put ear plugs in my ear when I shower. As in, I just remembered today, that, a couple years ago when I went to him, he told me to do so. Oops.

Yesterday was made of fail because I completely slept in late and forgot about going to sew at the barony. But I needed the day…I was dead tired by the time I got home. I spent it reading and cleaning up some odds and ends, instead.

And Saturday was the best, because I went to War College. There wasn’t a large turnout, but we did a lot of fighting…Corwin worked with me a lot, and then I authorized in parry objects. I feel I still have a ton of work to do, especially in cloak, but it’s nice to have another authorization under my belt. I also have to work more on using just one sword…I need to make sure that I balance and practice all arts so I don’t lose what I’ve learned. I still, also, need to decide what kind of buckler I’m going to make/buy, I’m struggling between the fact that a flat surface is nice and sticky and helps control the blade, and the fact that a metal boss is useful in deflecting a blade. I really need to get Sionn’s buckler back to him, I hate putting so much wear and tear on his.

One thing that’s been buzzing around my brain has been trying to define how I want to play in the SCA…how can I make the most of my time in the SCA, how can I do what I want to do without…I don’t want to say ruin, maybe dent or smudge…the experience for the people around me. I’m mostly worried, to be honest, about clothes. Because I like clothes from a few periods, but I’m worried about being a “time twister”…I wouldn’t normally care (really, I wouldn’t!) but it’s sort of like story telling. I don’t want to pop people’s suspension of disbelief. But I spent a lot of time talking to people, and from their attitudes I realized that there is more leeway than I think.
Really, it all comes down to doing what I want, but doing it with respect. Which is what I do, anyway, in all aspects of life.

The night was finished off with a lovely dinner with amazing people. The day was pretty much perfect.

Also, saw a woman with gussets where my green dress’s gussets are. YAY! Maybe they can go form tragic to perhaps documentable. I am beginning to think that there is…sort of a gradient in historical costuming. There’s “You really can’t do that, ick!” which includes, like, bright orange filmy pixie clothes and pink plastic buttons, and “Oh, that’s perfect and admirable” which includes everything hand sewn and the person even made their own buttons, and a grey area in between. And I think a lot of people live in that grey area, and the grey area won’t get you awards, but it won’t get you snark. I like the grey area in costuming. It has comfy cushions.

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