Tthis week has been about learning about marketing.  A lot of my plan I already sort of knew…but some of it is sort of daunting.  The first thing that I like is “Don’t tell people to buy your book.”  I like that…I never liked the idea of bludgeoning people over the head with my book.  Unless they are trying to break into my house, then they deserve what they get.

The message is, to find out what I can do for you.  What can I offer you?  What does visiting my website, Pinterest, etc, do for you?  That’s the part where it gets daunting.  A lot of people fall back on writing advice.   While I have and will answer questions abut writing cheerfully and happily until the end of the world or the next blood-harvest moon, which ever comes first, I feel like, I dunno, like a billion people have that covered.  So, maybe I can offer you happiness.  Pretty things.  Funny stories.  Maybe?

So I sort of go back to the “Well, I’ll just make friends and enjoy myself and share pins and reblogs and be happy, and maybe, once in awhile, someone will go, “You know, Cindy is pretty nice, and her book does sound really nifty, maybe I’ll check it out.” school of thought.  You know, the one where if you like hanging out we can hang out, and I am fine if you don’t get my book, but somewhat (somewhat meaning here, extremely happy without being pathetic)  grateful if you do.  (Those swords won’t buy themselves, you know.)

I also cleaned out all the thousands…and I do mean thousands, like 30 thousand or so…unread emails from my gmail.  It was, sometimes, an interesting walk down memory lane.  One email was from a friend who had passed away, basically “so and so commented on your facebook post” sort of deal, and another was the same sort, from a friend who’d moved away and we’d lost touch.  It was pretty maudlin sometimes, but also I was able to cull some good stuff — websites I meant to check out for networking, etc, and that was good.  But boy was it wearying.  And eye opening.  People who hack my email will know me better than any lover.  THAT is scary.

Also, I think I am coming down with something.  I am not humaning well this week…every interaction has felt somewhat fake, like there is a thin plastic wall between me and the other humans in the room.

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