I’ve been running around like a mad woman, and I keep thinking, “Oh, I want to blog this or that” but usually that thought comes to me when I’m driving or trying to go to sleep, so it never gets done.
So if this becomes a bit of a catch-up salad, I apologize. Part of this is just end of semester stress, part of this is because I had car troubles with all three of the vehicles that I can use…people even told me to get rid of my car, because obviously the problems it has are permanent, and the repairs promised to be expensive, but I sat and thought about it, and decided to ignore the advice and go with my own feeling. So I got a second opinion on the car, and the repair ended up being nearly half of the first estimate.

As you can see on the right, I’ve become part of a group blog! I’m part of Charge of the Write Brigade, and I’m co-authoring the blog with several very cool people. There will be a new post every day, I’ll be there every second and fourth Friday. I have not, as of yet, decided whether to cross-post or not. I’ll probably just link.

We’re on the very cusp of summer, here. The SCA seems to be kicking into full swing as all us would be swords-people (of both the rattan and rapier varieties) are chomping at the bit to get out and fight. I went to my first major melee event (melees are, in case you’ve forgotten, battles between two teams of fighters.) last weekend, Blackstone Raids, and had a pretty good time, though my realization that I was really, despite being very well prepared by Ivan for the situation, overwhelmed. I was just…there’s so much data to take in, and I’m on one of those flat places in my learning where I’m not, despite picking up a sword every day, feeling like I’m getting any better. I was very frustrated with my lack of ability, really unused to the heat (there is a lot of running around in melee combat), and therefore I fear I was slightly less verbally graceful than I like to be. Not bad…I wasn’t a harridan, but I was not up to my standard of behavior. I should have remembered my new mental exercise sooner…actually, it’s an old exercise that I just took out of the mental closet, where I imagine myself as a cool, peaceful, deep mountain lake. Sure, storms come and mar the surface of the lake, but it never lasts, and when the storm passes you never know that the lake was touched at all.

The best part of Blackstone was that the proto-incipient college of Vulcan’s Forge is now incipient…we’re officially a college in training. The students here worked really hard to see this through, and I’m very proud of them. It was also sort of fun, being called up into court. I was a bit nervous, I have no idea why. The King gave our Seneschal a token to prove that we were a college of the SCA, and we all sat down again. The other best part of Blackstone was meeting some awesome people, one of whom worked with me on cloak (not as much as either of us planned) and even gave me his cloak so I’d have something to work with. He’s now on my list of must-do-something-nice-for, which is getting a leetle long.

And, continuing with the cusp-of-summer theme, many of my fellow fencing students and members of Vulcan’s Forge are going home…today is the last day of finals. It’s very quiet, here…most students just come in, drop off a paper, then leave. One is currently trying not to be distracted by my typing while he takes a test.

Now that I’m back to the point where I don’t have to pour so much of myself into my job, I’ve actually gathered all of my writing projects into one place, and have been reading and thinking about them. It’s time to finish something…and I’m torn between starting something utterly new, and working on one of the books that are 60% done. So I’ve been picking up loose ends, playing with stories in my head, seeing which one is ready to run…because just because I’ve not been typing doesn’t mean I’ve not been actively writing. It’s there, it’s been worked on in the background, I now just need to prove to myself that I have what it takes to actually write a fourth book.

So, here’s my summer: Going to events, sewing (I plan to make one fancy dress in linen, one chemise, finish the red dress, make some shirts and breeches, two doublets and four fencing shirts and a second set of under arms…I’m actually a bit excited because I bought my first Alter Years pattern, for a side closing doublet), fencing and writing. And yard work, but that’s no fun.

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