On twitter (Yes, I do that, too…I use twitter to update my face book status) I am debating whether I want to sew a pretty red dress in case I need a new pretty dress (My black one might have to be repaired…and every time I wear the black one, I get lots of compliments, so I want to…well, save it for when I want to look extra good!) for Ice Dragon (http://www.ice-dragon.info/) OR, do I want to make my fencing cloak so I can practice with it and become authorized in off hand parry objects.

Oh, dear. To be a girl, or a warrior.

Pros for dress:

1. The red dress is cut out, save I really need to stop at Jo Anne’s and buy a lining fabric for the sleeves. And maybe more piping.

2. There’s a ball at Ice Dragon that I may or may not go to, and hence, a chance to dance with pretty people. I love medieval dancing, it’s tons of fun.

Pros for fencing cloak:

1. I think I have enough material, so no trip to eBay or JoAnne’s, but it’s not cut out and I’m not 100% certain how I want to make it. I want to use the black velvet I received at the novice tourney at Pennsic, though, partly because it’s LOVELY, partly because there’s not enough, really, to do anything else.

2. A lovely person at the Donnan Party thought I was ready to auth in buckler, which means, I think only case of rapiers and cut and thrust authorizations to go…

So, I open this to a poll!

1. Be a girl! Make a pretty a dress, dance with the boys!

2. Warrior, dang it! You need to learn how to swish your cloak to cause your enemies despair! Or, well, at least enough confusion that you can get to them with your sword…

3. Do both! You are the sewing queen!

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