Wwelcome to the page for author Cindy Lynn Speer.  It is wonderful that you came, hopefully you will find something nice to pass the time while you are here.

I am the author of several books, including The Chocolatier’s Wife, Wishes and Sorrows, and hopefully soon you’ll be able to read my newest, The Key to All Things.  You can find more info here.

My tumblr and my blog are filled with things that make me happy — swords, travel, tea, books, nifty TV shows and movies, pretty things. If you are on tumblr, feel free to link right to the tumblr — my blog cross posts to it — and through the awesome that is Cuong Tran, who made this theme, I can have my regular blog posts and my tumblr on the same page.  If you want to comment without doing so through tumblr — and I would love to hear from you — you can comment on any post here.

I also have a Pinterest.

So, hang around, look at pretty things, tell me what makes you happy.



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