It’s so hard to keep up with a blog sometimes…I was a bit over taken by life, so I apologize for the long time I was gone.

First, some Pennsic Shots. There aren’t a lot…when you’re wandering around you see tons of cool stuff, but since this is supposed to be a medieval re-enactment, it’s kind of hard to whip out the camera and click the shutter. I carried it around with me everywhere, too, except at night. is where most of the pictures are…here are a couple examples.




But that didn’t stop some other much braver souls.

Here are some good shots if you ever wondered what non-fencing sword fighting looks like, here are a lot of cool pictures:

Also, there are some very nifty pictures here: I particularly love the pictures of the pre-court thrones!

The lovely Meg the Mad took some awesome fencing shots…

What else have I been up to? The university semester started well, and we had a three day Piracy Event. Called “The Many Faces of Piracy” it discussed Piracy and its links to the Constitution, Islamic piracy, modern piracy, and what pirates wore…a lot of cool stuff. We also had a chanty singer, Geoffrey Kaufman down. One of my favorite parts of the event was when we went to see him one evening, at the “Blackbox” theater, which is a theater that is, basically, a black box…a small, intimate space. The acoustics are fantastic, and we were encouraged to sing along with him. All these voices joining his during the choruses in this small space made for an incredible energy…so much fun.

And, well, what would a piracy event be without the lovely fencers? There were three this time, and it was so fantastic, not only getting to see my friends again, but meeting another guy. They did a wonderful job, and I got to fence both John and Chris, so I was extremely happy. We’re talking about me going to ISMAC again…this time I’m going to put in for a scholarship. It’s in May this year, so if usually you don’t go because of Pennsic, well, this is the year to go?

In whinge news, I drove past a bunch of road closed signs on my road Friday. For those of you not in the know, I live on a tiny, narrow band of road that is sided on one side by a hard to climb up hill, on the other by an electric fence and steep valley. It’s right off of a major highway that they’ve been putting in for years…at one point they even spoke about taking my house for it. Sunday, a neighbor came for a visit, and told us that the road was soon going to be closed so they can put in a clover leaf for 43. I’m not thrilled…partly because it adds a scary, narrow, steep road to my winter commute, partly because I wonder what this means for the future. Will my world become noisy and busy, with the new cloverleaf so close to my home? Will they destroy the beauty of the road…it’s a quiet, beautiful example of an old time country road. I always thought of where I live as a refuge…I can live in a city, but I really prefer to have no neighbors, to be off by myself, and while I understand that the world changes, there’s a little bit of me that’s like, “Good grief! Must we pave every bloody square foot of the world?”

And yes, I did start writing this post Monday. :-/ But at least now I’m finally hitting post…

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