As you can see, I survived camping, and will post all about Pennsic soon.  It’s just so overwhelming, I needed time to think about the experiance.  It was wonderful, though, and I am looking forward to next year.

My chat at Library Thing will start very soon, and last all week!  I think this will be the address.  I am looking forward to meeting new readers, answering questions, and just generally schmoozing.

There is also a lovely new interview with me up at Coffee Time Romance!  I really enjoyed it, and am grateful to them for their help.

Speaking of which, Fiction Addiction has opened up a new lounge, which I will be one of the main Hosts of.  This forum will be very friendly…any type of nastiness (which, if you’ve been to a lot of writing boards, you know seems to come with the territory) will be dealt with immediately.  This is going to be an open, friendly and most of all relaxing place, and I am very proud to be assiciated with it, and with Fiction Addiction, which, thanks to the hard work of Apryl Duncan, is looking really spectacular.

My ego boost for the month comes by way of Tina-Sue Ducross:  “Absolutely blog posts, featuring great reads, honest and delightful insight.”  Awww!

My essay on “Forgetting the Muse” is up at Once Written.

Finally, an awesome review of The Chocolatier’s Wife. Front Street reviews says “Likeable and sweet in more ways than one this is a fine piece of fiction with some murder, mystery, magic and fantasy. ” Also, she said on her blog,”This was an interesting read. A little murder mystery, a pinch magical and bit like a fairy tale. The characters were fun and the storyline tasted good ;)” 😀

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