I’ll be going to Pennsic next Monday.  As I mentioned in the past, I had been planning to go to the International Swordfighting and Martial Arts Convention in Michigan, but I couldn’t get the money for it.  *sniffles and waves pathetically at the fine gentlemen who run the convention…*  Pennsic, I can afford, and I’ll get to fight with swords there, too, so I will be happy…especially since Pennsic has more of my friends, including the ever spectacular Iona.  I am SO geeked about seeing her, her hubby, and the baby! 
I am really looking forward to it…the class list is huge, more dance classes than you can shake an epee at, some interesting looking sword classes and a ton more.  I’m going to concentrate on taking a few middle eastern dance classes, and there’s a tea under the stars event where they serve a traditional Japanese tea…definitely have to make that.
Mostly, my plans for the week include absorbing — just experiencing and enjoying meeting people and doing different things.  I want to hang out with fencers (I finished the armor arms yesterday…I can wear them under any outfit I wish, and with my really spiffy black doublet, I will be quite safe.)  and do some pick up fighting.  I am not heavy blade class authorized, so I mostly just have to annoy people into fighting with me.  😉  I also plan on carrying water and such…I’ll be fighting side by side with some of these people next year,  (Woah…already thinking about NEXT year?  What happens if I hate Pennsic and never go again?  But both my mum and Stacy think that this is a Highly Unlikely Prospect.) and I want to help them, I want to get to know them and, I guess, form some sort of camaraderie with them.  Because hopefully I’ll be around these people a long time.
So, I built the tent yesterday, and it works fine, even though I couldn’t get it all packed back into the little bag it came in.  XD  Decided since I will be rebuilding it in a little over a week (well, exactly a week, now.) that I could just live with it not being quite packed right.  Tonight I’m going to go over my garb one last time…remove the armor pads I sewed into my new shirt, since I won’t need them, put a drape on my fencing mask in the hopes that I do, indeed, find a gorget that I want, repair one of my older shirts.  After I’ve checked over all the garb I have, I might try to make one last chemise…what I would love is a waist cincher, rather than a full bodice, but I don’t think I have the proper material/time to make one.  So, I’ll finish my garb tonight, and maybe start the chemise as a bonus.
Next, I will take all my gear from the backroom and lay it out and pre-pack it.  I’ll make a list of what I yet need and either hunt it up or buy, if I need to, buy it.  And hopefully by Sunday everything will be ready to go into the car.  I need to stop and buy fruit and bread, and that should be that.
This week, work wise, I’m obsessing over making sure everything is done, because when I get back, there’s only a couple weeks until the Fall semester begins. 
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