The signing went really well. 🙂 I sold all but one of the books they ordered, and the people at Border’s seemed really happy…one even asked me if I’d like to do a signing in Morgantown, and so I will call and arrange to do one there, soon, probably after Pennsic. I sold two books to friends directly, and Brian, owner of the first non family signed copy of the book, brought his mum, who also bought a copy. One book I sold to a guy I went to school with…his fiancee is a huge Barbara Hambly fan, and I really liked her immediately. One book was to a little old lady who had read about it in the paper, and she thought her nephew would like it. (I hope he’s old enough, but I didn’t ask. Eeek.)

So, not all sales were to friends! Go, me!

Things I learned:

People like it when you offer them a choice of ink colors. I brought my pilot 7 pack, with all it’s pretty colors. No one wanted black, by the way. 😉

Being early = good. I signed three books before the signing started.

The large posters and book marks were a hit.

People do read the papers.

Your cheeks really will hurt, smiling for two hours.  Thank you, everyone, for your advice and well wishing.

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