Yesterday a group of friends and I went to Kennywood Park, which is an old time amusement park that still has wooden roller coasters along side all of the modern attractions.  I am all pinkish…my sunscreen washed off during a couple of the watery rides.  I also laugh during roller coaster rides, which I had no idea.  I still can’t abide anything that has me go upside down for more than a could of seconds…roller coasters are fine, but I refuse to go on anything that holds you there.  Nay!
Also, tomorrow is my first book signing event!  Uniontown Mall, Border’s, 1:00 pm – 3:00.  I still love the irony that my first book signing is taking place in the same store that I wrote about in my book.  I ended up in the paper, in the first section, the Sunday edition, and people have actually asked me about it.  I received a wonderful email from a stranger Sunday morning, wishing me luck and complimenting me, which is how I found out in the first place that I’d made the paper.  So, I went and bought the two local papers, and mentioned to the lady at the register why I was buying them…and she said, “Is that you?”  The placement of the article is a couple pages in, on the left middle (not the best place), not bad for a newbie author like me.  There are two articles: here  and  here.
I delivered two massive posters two them, and a stack of bookmarks…so, I’ve done what I could.  The guy at the store said that “More authors should be like me” so they know I tried.
I’ll take pictures and let you know what happens!
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