First, the bad news.  Because I like to get the wretched out of the way…as I was driving home, I tried to make the sharp turn down into my road off the highway…and the steering wouldn’t answer, save for a tiny, tiny bit.  So, I stopped before I hit the stop sign, back and filled until I was straight on my road, and drove on home, wondering what was going on.  The car itself was moving fine, it just wasn’t steering…so I figured I needed power steering fluid.  That was the solution last time.
When I went to look under the hood to pour a then newly bought bottle of fluid into my car, I noticed something.  Like the fact that there was a belt laying where it shouldn’t, and when I played with it, anti-freeze started dripping out of the car.  Oh, and the thingy that’s supposed to blow cool air into the engine?  Not really attached.
That is a terrible, horrid thing, especially since I just spent a bunch of money on the car…but I’m not upset, it’s just the bitter that goes with the sweet.  I’ll get the car fixed, pay the bill, and pray for the best.
Anyway.  Good stuff. 
I went on a bit of a shopping spree, and bought three things I never thought I’d buy:
A Tent.  (It’s a Coleman dome tent, about 10 by 12.  Larger than I wanted, but the price is good.)
A sleeping bag.  (Blue and yellow, the cheapest I could get.)
A hoodie.  (It was on sale, and it’s a sort of dusky orchid colored velour corduroy.  I like purple, and it’s really comfy.  I figure, when it gets chilly at camp, if I’m not in the main areas, no one will glare too hard.)
Yes…I’m preparing for Pennsic!  After years of wanting to go, and one of my friends really wanting me to go, I’m going. 
Pennsic is…an SCA event where, for two weeks, we go camping and try to reenact the middle ages as much as possible.  There will be a lot of fencing (after all, it is The War!) and drum circles and balls.  I am looking forward to it all…dancing in drum circles, courtly dance, stalking people who want to fight with a light rapier.  I am also sewing like a madwoman to make sure I have enough garb (Black fencing doublet is almost done!) to make it through.  I’m only going the second week…but that’s where most of the fun seems to be?
Anyone I’ve ever spoken to speaks of Pennsic like it’s this magical, wonderful place.  I think I will be overwhelmed…So many people, so many wonderful things to see…but I will have a more than able guide in my dear N., and I’m sure that the people I know will be happy to help. 
Currently, I’m geeking over the lantern I bought…it’s run on batteries, and has three different settings of lights…and I bought a lot of food, such as the materials for Mountain Pies (I have a mountain pie maker…mountain pies are…well, you take 2 slices of bread, butter them, put something tasty like cherry pie filling in the middle of one, close it like a sandwich, then bake over a fire. So, that’s my contribution to camp cookery.  Mountain Pies.) and things I can eat on the field and keep from getting sick.  Wal Mart is also selling clear plastic jelly shoes for five bucks, which I thought would be great in the promised Pennsic storms…and for going to the shower in.  (They’re clear, but they have sparkles.  But I figure, you know, they look like bare feet, and bare feet are period?)
So, I’ve made a staging area, and now will be dealing with that.
But that’s not my only good news!  I’ll be doing my first book signing Saturday, July 19th at Border’s in the Uniontown Mall.  I had been struggling to get into a book store to do a signing, which makes this really funny…because we were at the counter, buying books, when she asked, “Is there anything else I can do for you?”
And I said, being silly, “You could get in my book?”
And she asked if I was a local author, and my mother was like, “She is!”  And then the lady at the desk asked if i would like to do a signing. 
I said yes, of course, and now…preparation time!  The funny thing is, I think is was more geeked than I am.  I think it’s because I’m really nervous.  I think about it, about being in the spotlight saying that my book is wonderful and I am wonderful and yes, of course you need to have me sign it while I’m here…which of course you don’t say, but you have to imply…and my hands start shaking, bad.
If I don’t do this, though, and do it well and proper, I might as well give up as an author.  Always write…but basically give up on being successfully published.  Because without readers, I’ll loose my publishers.  It’s not a marriage where they love you unconditionally and forever, but like a marriage, you do have to work at it to meet your partner’s hopes and expectations.
Wish me luck?
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